Ask A QoS – What Do You Love About BBC?

I get tons of emails from readers with questions that really should be directed at the Hotwives and Queens of Spades themselves.  One of the things that I decided to do was to start a new feature called Ask A QoS and ask those questions directly. I hope to add a new Ask A QoS post bi monthly and pose a different question to at least 10 QoS.

For the 1st Ask A QoS post I asked 9 QoS of varying backgrounds one simple question – What Do You Love About BBC?  I received some amazing answers and I hope that you enjoy them as well. Please leave a comment below and please share this post online.



Roxy Dover – @Roxy_Dover



I’ll tell you what I love about BBC. I love the bulge it makes in a pair of tight pants. I love the tingle the thought of it makes in my pussy. I love being on my knees when I reach in and pull it out. I love the weight of it in my hands. How long and thick it is. I love the contrast of it and my hubby’s small white dicklet.  I love how hard it gets when I first put it in my mouth. I love the way it slides over my tongue and down my throat and how wet that makes my pussy knowing how it’s going to stretch me.

I love what it attached too. I love being manhandled by a dominant black man. I love the confidence they have especially when it comes to white pussy. I love how hard they fuck my pussy and how hard I cum on a BBC. How they own me. I love being moved from position to position as a sexy black man shows me his superior ability to fuck. Making me cum over and over. Then I love the feeling of a BBC twitching and then throbbing in me as a huge load erupts out of it and into my hungry pussy.

Then I love the way my hubby submits to it. The way it has an ability to turn him into a little bitch. The way he then cleans that creampie and the way my lover then talks down to him. I love the way a BBC glistens with my pussy juice before my hubby is told to clean it. Then the way it glistens with his saliva. Then I love the way it gets hard again and can fill me up all over again.


Kim Swallows – @KimSwallows



What I love most about BBC is how thick and veiny most of them are they remind me of my favorite ice cream called Magnum and every time I see one of those commercials and reminds me of them. The ones I like the most are the big horse cock looking ones that hang real low with big balls something about them just turns me on.


SecretPlayWife – @SoCalQoS



I enjoy BBCs for the obvious reasons, but also for some not-so-obvious ones that make my vixen life easier and more fun.  The large cocks are great, as is the athleticism most BBCs bring to the bed. They can reach the good parts inside of me and pound for however long it takes for me to climax.  Plus the skin contrast is erotic. Those are the obvious, yet valuable reasons.

Less obvious but equally important is that i’ve discovered most BBCs are comfortable with the stag/vixen lifestyle, so they don’t get spooked by the notion of a husband present.  Most are comfortable meeting with other BBCs and having sex in front of them, which makes gangbangs far easier to organize. There’s also a respect for the husband or boyfriend, rather than a competition, so everyone feels relaxed and the vibe is better.  Plus, it feels right to put on some nasty hip hop to play to. And that helps make the good bits go pop.



Hotwife Kara Sweets – @HotwifeKara



Now first things first. I am not a BBC only girl, I’m an equal opportunity slut. But there are differences with men. Not all are one way or another. Black guys tend to have nice bodies, again, not all.   They tend not to be self absorbed, at least the men I’ve encountered.

The first thing I notice is that the black guys tend to respect me no matter my body type.  The majority treat me like a woman not a thing. They love being my toy and letting me use their body to get off. They seem more concerned about my pleasure than their own. Only after I orgasm all over them will they allow themselves to finally release in me one way or another.

The skin color contrast is a definite plus. It looks so taboo when I look up between my legs and a BBC is pushing into me. A man who is not my husband stretching me again and again as he struggles to bottom out on each thrust. The size of a BBC can be intimidating but at the same time mouth watering with just the anticipation of seeing if he can fit that whole thing inside my body.



Swinger Kitty – @SwingerKitty



What I love about BBC is the rush of excitement it gives me. I’ve been with many white guys and I’m even married to one. Sure, sometimes the sex is good but something is missing. It’s almost hard to describe but I feel like my pussy is being used to its full potential when I feel a large strong BBC entering me. Even after it’s done, I’ll think and fantasize about it for weeks at a time afterward, hoping that my next encounter comes very soon. The power, dominance, and sheer excitement that BBC brings me is different from anyone or anything else. I knew from the moment I first tried it that I would be a lifelong BBC lover! BBC has survived the test of time as well, no matter how many times I get it I only find myself wanting it more. I’ve come to really respect it as well. I never cover it with condoms and I never make it finish outside of where it belongs. I will forever love BBC because it ignites a fire inside me that nothing else compares to and I simply love it!



Ginger Reigh – @GingerReigh



“What do I love about BBC”? Hmmm. Well, that’s a very good question. For me, the question should be, “What do I love about the Black Male”? I’m sure everyone has their reason, but mine is environment. I was born and raised, grew up in, an all-black neighborhood. All my friends were black growing up. When the girls on the block & in the neighborhood, started to get into guys, the only guys I saw were, the young black guys we used to play with when we were younger. When I was ready to date as a teenager, I found I was attracted to the skin contrast, between my white skin, and the dark complexion of the teenage guys. The rest is history.

One thing led to another while I was dating, and before long, I was ready to have sex. Hearing the rumors, about how big black guys dicks were, had me so scared, but curious, all in the same breath. After I got the courage, and finally had sex, I got addicted to BBC. Not only are BBC’s huge, but black guys are also great looking, confident, and amazing in bed, Scared? Never! The way they move their bodies is awesome.

I know a lot of people feel, it’s a myth, that black guys are big. And in some cases, it is a myth. Because I am overly attracted to the black male, I have had sex with a good number of black men. A small few, including my husband, who is black, were small. But the vast majority I have fucked, are wonderfully BIG!!!! I would guess, of all the BBC’s I’ve had the pleasure to experience,  the average size would be around 9 inches in length. Take away my cuckold husband, and the few like him, that average for me, rises to closer to 11 inches. So, to me, it’s not a myth. I have had that proven to me. When I factor length, girth, looks, stamina, swagger, street smarts, lovemaking ability, why wouldn’t I be a queen of spades, & addicted to BBCs & the black male.


Presley St. Claire – @PresleyStClaire



Let me see, one thing for sure is that they are bigger on average and I  love the way they fill me up both in my mouth and in my pussy. They are very confident lovers and always want to make sure I am fully pleasured  before I get to take their big load. I get so wet simply from the touch of their soft skin, be it their lips, hands, or velvet cock. I love a big strong man that can lift me in the air and still have enough cock to fuck me hard. That really gets me going. Last, All of my BBC’s know how much I love cum. They always are always so thoughtful about saving up a big special load for me making sure to eat healthy with lots of tasty things like fruit before we fuck,  so they give me that extra tasty yum that I love so much.


Rachel Domino – @RachelDomino69



Given a choice between a white man and a black man as a lover, I will ALWAYS choose the black man. I have found a black man truly respects his lover. He is a gentleman, treating his woman like a queen, both in and out of the bedroom. He dresses to impress his lady. I never touch a door or a chair when I’m with a black man.

In the bedroom, he worships my body, caressing every part of me. He enjoys kissing… he pays lots of attention to my breasts and nipples. He is not afraid of cunnilingus and thoroughly enjoys going down on a woman. But make no mistake, HE is in charge in the bedroom. He demands oral sex and delights in my enjoyment of this cock. When he is ready, penetration is the ultimate experience. He teases and teases, making me beg for more until he decides to give it to me, and the crescendo is a massive pounding, making me feel every inch of him. He varies the pace and the position, I never know just what he is going to do. He makes sure I cum, and when he comes, he fills my pussy, my mouth my breasts, my ass… wherever he chooses. He makes sure I am as satisfied as he is.


Mandy Monroe – @Mandy_MonroeXXX



What an interesting question!… To be clear, I have been with and I love cocks of all sizes and color. But I will just focus on BBC for this question. At first, I truly didn’t think BBC was any different than any other cock. They all do the same thing, right? But over time and as I have had many BBC lovers, I have seen some distinctions. They do “tend” to be bigger but its not a set rule by any means. Though I have been with some white men who have huge cocks, the majority of the biggest ones have tended to be black. I will say even the size doesn’t necessarily determine satisfaction, it does determine how deep their cum is placed. Which by the way can stay for a day or two in some cases. I think the reason I like it is because of the contrast of skin tone. I think darker skin is amazingly beautiful, especially on film. That may be one reason why I like to share what I do. Pair that with someone with white skin like myself and I think it draws the eye.  I have always tended toward men with darker skin even tho at a younger age I didn’t realize it. I have seen a love of interracial porn grow and grow over time. It’s become more acceptable rather than taboo. But… maybe the fact it was taboo makes it still quite popular. Hopefully, others see the beauty in it too. Lastly, it’s just freaky fun!!