Black God – Ulisses Jr.

One of the brand new features that I want to offer here on the new Spades Mag is an annual pic feature called Black God.  A friend of mine who is a Queen of Spades told me that a lot of QoS love the look of a well built, fit Black Bull and that a spotlight on them would be very popular with the women who read Spades Mag.  Hence the birth of Black God. It will be a collection of pics and a spotlight of a super fit black male celebrity.  In this very 1st Black God feature I am spotlighting the bodybuilding and fitness icon Ulisses Jr.

If you aren’t familiar with Ulisses and his work then check this bio from his website, –

“Ulisses Jr is one of the most sought after and highly respected bodybuilding and body composition coaches in the World. The Native of New York City is a 2x Musclemania SuperBody Pro Champion, 2x Musclemania World Pro Champion and a leader for Bodybuilding. He has honed and refined his physique for over 20 years in Competition and will show you how he has achieved it.

A seasoned Strength and Conditioning Professional, Ulisses has worked with Countless Celebrities, High Net worth individuals and mentored other elite trainers with his Driven and focused approach. He has been voted Fitness Icon and World Master trainer and Directed the Personal Training department of Reebok Club London. An International Authority on training, Ulisses has written and appeared in major health publications like REPS Magazine, Mens Health, Musclemag and Muscle & Fitness and FLEX Magazine. He’s lectured extensively throughout the world,in Europe and beyond, helping thousands develop their skills as trainers and coaches.”

Please check out and follow Ulisses on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


Publisher’s Note: Spades Magazine does not own the pictures used below. They are the property of Ulisses Jr. and are only used her for the purposes of promotion of Ulisses, Jr.