Bull Interview – AZ Gigolo

I first heard of AZGigolo from in a GQ article called The Secret Life of America’s Greatest Swinger.  As soon as I read it I had to reread it because it was almost unreal.  This guy was living the life that I aspired to. It was the life that any real Bull who truly loves the Queen of Spades/Hotwives lifestyle wants to live.  I only knew him as “Doctor Dave” (his alias in the article) but I felt a bond with this guy.  Besides our shared interest in QoS, we are also professional, ambitious Black men.  I really liked that this guy was relatable and not some ugly stereotype of Black men.

I thought I would never get a chance to connect with him and interview him for Spades Mag.  Then I met Hotwife Kara and her hubby through Twitter. Through conversations, they informed that they were one of the couples mentioned in that article and also told me when AZ joined Twitter.  I knew I had to reach and meet this legend.

Fortunately, he was the same genuine, upbeat and open guy that was portrayed in the GQ article.  After a few Twitter messages, he agreed to be the 1st Bull interview here on the new Spades Mag.  Boy, did he deliver!!!

One of the things that irked me about the article was the way the writer was often dismissive of AZ and his taste in women. There was an undercurrent of the author’s disdain for the Lifestyle (at least to me).  So hopefully this interview rectifies that by presenting AZ truly in his own words.


Spades Magazine: Hi AZGigolo Tell us about yourself.

AZGigolo: Hello everyone. I go by AZGigolo but also known to many as “Dr. Dave” from a GQ article that was written about me in the Summer 2016 ‘Sex’ issue.  So you can call me either. I am a mid 40’s, fit, experienced black gentleman who also happens to be a physician. I am located in Scottsdale, Arizona but travel extensively, most often to the DFW area and Las Vegas.

SM: What is a Queen of Spades to you?

AZG: Ahh…QoS. Well much like a lot of terms in this lifestyle (e.g. Cuckold, BBC, etc.), the term Queen of Spades has a spectrum of what it means. Depending on who considers themselves one.  In my estimation, it is generally considered to be a woman (single or married) who through experience and/or circumstance, has found the majority and preferred sexual partners to be black men. What I have found is that its the ultimate sexual taboo in American society: a married white woman, whose family and friends likely have no clue of her secret sexual exploits. She engages in and treasures not only the contrast of colors between the two (or 3, or 4, or…) of  their bodies, but also all the societal taboos, warnings and myths that go along with a white woman (particularly a married one) indulging in aggressive, passionate and downright nasty sex with a black man that is NOT her husband.

SM: What drew you to the Queen of Spades/Black Bull Life?

AZG: You know, it wasn’t something I was looking for and to be perfectly honest I did not even know it was a “thing”. When and where (Nashville, TN) I started in this “lifestyle” (which I consider just the Swinger Lifestyle in general) I was extremely cautious about approaching couples online. I would say something to the effect of “You DO know I am a black man right?” Just to be sure we didn’t show up to meet and I was the “look who’s coming to dinner” surprise they weren’t expecting.  However, after some time, I began to realize that being a black man was part of the draw for them. Look I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, purple, brown or green; if you are a sexy woman and we vibe intellectually and have a good rapport when we meet then I am all in. After meeting with several couples and realizing the passion that seemed to be completely different in these women who preferred Black Bulls I was hooked. It is hard to explain to the inexperienced or uninitiated the thrill of having a husband watch or film you giving his gorgeous white wife all she can handle and then some.  Spouting out some of the nastiest things you could imagine and then when it is all over, we are sitting around with a drink and a snack laughing, smiling and having a conversation like old friends. It is an addictive scenario.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?

AZG: I started while I was in Medical School so about 10 years now. Off and on depending on life’s twists and turns of course.

SM: Has it lived up to your initial expectations? Or maybe even exceeded them?

AZG: Oh by far it has MORE than exceeded them!  I mean come on; I was a young black male just looking for some hot NSA sex, to begin with. Which is funny now because when men ask me how to get into it, I tell them exactly NOT to do it with that in mind.  However as I grew, matured and met some amazing couples who served as ‘mentors’ if you will, I learned to treat each contact as if I was courting someone I was interested in dating. That not only took a lot of the sexual pressure to ‘perform’ off, but made the sex that much better because I actually began to care and learn that pleasing my partner should be my number one priority, and if I do that then she will return the favor in Spades (see what I just did there?;)

SM: What do you think draws QoS to Black men/BBC?

AZG: I referenced this in a previous answer as a general notion, but I also know it is a very individualized thing.  What a lot …let me repeat…A LOT of men do not seem to understand is that most women who are QoS do not just want to drop their panties (assuming they wear them) for any swinging black cock that comes along.  They want someone they have a connection with. Someone, they can be comfortable being a total slut for. Again I refer back to the “courting/dating” mindset. So she may be a QoS but she is also a strong, thinking and feeling woman who can choose who and when she wants to fuck a black man.  To restate it though: I think the taboo of interracial sex, what we are taught and observe in human interaction ever since we were little, then the myth of the strong, virulent, Mandingo Bull assists and plays a large role in the fantasy and enjoyment of it all.

SM: Do you prefer couples or single females? Why?

AZG: I like to consider myself an equal opportunity, cock distributor, but if I had my druthers I would choose couples every time.  This is merely based on personal experiences as I find the thrill of 3 different people receiving pleasure in 3 different ways an amazing experiment.  Excuse the nerdy scientist in me delving too deep into the psyche, but if you try to put yourself in the shoes of each person in the QoS or Cuckold scenario you will find senses and feelings that run the gamut of emotions; anxiety, fear, happiness, euphoria, jealousy, anger, elation.  It is a sexual cornucopia of feelings! Then there is just the raw side of having a husband watch and encourage you to absolutely fuck the living hell out of his bride!

SM: How and where do you find QoS + couples who are in the life?

AZG: I started on various swinger sites like AFF, Swapppernet (not sure that still exists), SLS, LL, SDC and even the feared “Craigslist Stranger” meeting!  I have had varying degrees of ‘luck’ on each but have found for the areas I travel now that SLS, SDC, and Twitter to be most ‘lucrative’. Of course, let me not forget to mention word-of-mouth.  A good reputation goes a long way in more than just the business world. There is also the ability to “sense” and be more aware of couples and women who you might meet out in public. A certain gaze your way, a very discreet tattoo or jewelry charm are always good conversation starters to meet new friends if you know what to look for.

SM: What is the one thing that you would advise any guys wanting to get into the Life?

AZG: Another topic I touched upon earlier:  be a gentleman, not a cocky prick. Just because you see guys in a porn video talking dirty and disrespectfully to a woman you must realize they are playing a role.  If you’re fortunate enough to meet a couple that is comfortable with you and likes you then you may get to “play a role” someday too. However, until then behave yourself.  You are not the only or the biggest and baddest BBC out there. And even if you are that type of attitude will turn off 95% of couples you try to approach. Beating a dead horse here but treat each interaction as if you are courting/dating them and whenever possible always and make it a priority to address and contact the husband first.  Realize he is ALLOWING you the great privilege of sharing his wife’s body; next, to being your personal organ donor, I don’t know of a more precious thing one man can give to another. So behave accordingly.

SM: What do you think is the biggest misconception that Bulls have about this Life?

AZG: That all these women are sluts, you can approach and talk to them with disrespect and a cocky attitude, they just want your black cock so that’s all you need to show up with.  SMH…this attitude is so pervasive, particularly in AZ that I stopped attending the big house parties because I would get so disgusted by the way single black men would approach women that it turned me off.

SM: What do you wish that all couples + single females in the Life knew?

AZG: That it is physically impossible to lick your own elbow…I don’t know, I think everyone kind of finds their way and figures things out.  I would say that some couples will attempt to venture into this QoS/Black Bull lifestyle, have a very bad experience and then swear off ALL black men.  That is unfortunate and while I understand the sentiment, I just wish that for those couples and women they would realize that Black Bulls are not a monolithic population; some are clueless dumbasses and some are knowledgeable gentlemen.  Just like everyone else in this world.

SM: What is the best thing to happen to you in the Life?

AZG: Just meeting some really fantastic people.  Really, good, loyal people with a freaky side that they enjoy exploring.  It is truly all about the interpersonal relationships you develop that make it so fulfilling. I have made some amazing friends through this that have helped me in so many ways.  I know that seems counter to the simplicity of QoS/Bull but that is what it comes down to. Good, fun people.

SM: What is the worst?

AZG: GOSSIP!  I have no respect or tolerance for those who talk shit about others.  Didn’t these people learn from their mommy’s that if you don’t have something nice to say… one of my favorite quotes:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

SM: What is the kinkiest experience that you have had in the Life?

AZG: I have been a part of some pretty kinky shit! lol, I guess having a wife ask me to lay her down in the shower with an open mouth and pee all over her from head to toe (yes including in her mouth) and afterward she and her husband made love with passionate kissing would have to be my top kinkiest thing.  However, I have been involved in some heavy BDSM and cuckolding situations that would boggle the mind of your average kinkster.

SM: Have you ever down a gangbang or an orgy? Do you like them?

AZG: I have set up a couple of gangbangs for some trusted friends who wanted to have all-bareback gangbangs.  I found the guys and had them personally tested at my clinic so everyone was comfortable. To be honest they aren’t my cup-of-tea.  Call me a little too sentimental but I don’t really get off being “just another cock in her face”. I think I have illustrated above that I prefer a more personal touch to my encounters.  I am a big-time voyeur, so I will always observe and makes certain everyone is enjoying and behaving themselves but not really an active participant in gangbangs.

Orgys can be fun but they have been so few and far between they aren’t worth a mention for me here.

SM: Ok, we have some size queens who read the blog and I am sure that they want to know how big is your cock?

AZG: Thick. Thicker than a Snicker…I will leave it at that. If they really need to know they can contact me;)

SM: Do you like more aggressive fucking or gentle lovemaking?

AZG: Time and place for both.  Can even do both at once.

SM: What is your favorite position or positions?

AZG: Well being an “ass man” I love doggie style or her on top or even reverse cowgirl.  Hell, I guess I like them all! Is there a BAD sexual position?

SM: Do you prefer a QoS to swallow or spit?

AZG: Swallow, unless she spits it back out all over her wedding ring or my cock and licks it all up.

SM: Are there any fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled in the Life yet? If so what are they?

AZG: You know, other than a party (which doesn’t really count) I haven’t had semi-public sex. So there is one for the bucket list.

SM: What are your turn-ons?

AZG: Personality is everything for me. If she can make me laugh and hard then she is a keeper!  Also deep, passionate kissing is essential to get me aroused. A phat ass and the know how to work it is always a bonus!

SM: Turn-offs?

AZG: A list of rules.  No kissing rule! Seriously what is that?  I was told by a few couples that it is “too intimate” for their tastes…soooo I can throat fuck your wife, grab a fistful of hair, smack her ass then cum down her throat, but a kiss is too intimate??????  SMH

SM: Are there any QoS that you haven’t had a chance to meet up with that you would like to get an opportunity to meet or hook up with?

AZG: Oh absolutely…see who I follow on Twitter!  The list is too long…

SM: Any celebrity crushes? Or a celebrity that you wish was a QoS?

AZG: Not a big celebrity crush guy.  I like normal everyday women…now if they happen to be famous for being a QoS, then that is a different story.

SM: Some Bulls get into starting their own websites and selling their films. Would you ever do that?

AZG: Done and Done. Check me out on AZGIGOLO.manyvids.com or https://iwantclips.com/store/464972/AZGigolgo

SM: Thanks so much for the opportunity to interview you.  Please tell any QoS or couples who were left drooling from this interview where they can find you or reach you?

AZG: It has been my absolute pleasure. Hope I enlightened, helped or at least entertained someone.