My 1st BBC

“The moment of truth came. He stood up and took his belt off dropping his pants. I couldn’t look away from the bulge in his underwear as he slowly lowered them. Finally, my first BBC came tumbling out of his underwear . . . “


My boyfriend at the time, now fiancee, Ben and I met while swinging with our ex-spouses, which is a long store in itself, but we continued involving other people in our sex life when we got together. After about a month after he moved in he asked if I wanted to have sex with a BBC. He had previously told me about enjoying being cuckolded especially by BBC so this was no real surprise. I told him I would be interested if he thinks he could find someone. He said he could that night if I really meant it. I said to go ahead and try, not thinking he could.

Well, I vastly underestimated the power of Craigslist (R.I.P.). Yes, I had been swinging for about a year at this point but mainly keeping to SLS. He was already a decade into swinging and knew just how to find someone and where to look. After an ad was placed and a few emails and pictures exchanged he had found a BBC for me to fuck and now I was getting a little nervous. I honestly didn’t expect to be fucking someone that night.

So I did my hair up, got some makeup on and found a little sexy something to wear. I was nervous as hell, in fact, I still get nervous before a new hook up. Once he showed up I was relieved to find he was just like his pictures, sexy and hung. You always have that worry that a guy is going to show up for the first time missing a few fingers, having a lisp, or being a total freakshow. Luckily he was perfect.

I sat on the couch with him as we made some small talk. He was a veteran swinger and knew a bunch of people in the lifestyle.  He spent some time talking about his experiences. Clearly sensing my anxiety to take it nice and slow before asking if we should go into the bedroom. Once there he grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss which turned into a makeout session. Then he lowered his head to my breasts and sucked on my nipples, almost bringing me to orgasm. Yes, I can cum from my nipples. He then pushed me on the bed and slowly removed my panties before licking my clit until I was squirming in pleasure.

The moment of truth came. He stood up and took his belt off dropping his pants. I couldn’t look away from the bulge in his underwear as he slowly lowered them. Finally, my first BBC came tumbling out of his underwear and I reached for it as he moved closer. Gently he grabbed the back of my head and softly directed me right to his impressive cock.

Now there was a huge taboo in this for me. I had grown up in a racist family. There was no end of racial slurs that they had on hand for anyone different from them. I knew exactly how they would feel knowing I was doing this, unfortunately, after cutting most of them out of my life they may never know. (At least I thought until they found my twitter.) Also, I had my man there, slowly jerking to the show in front of him, precum dripping with the anticipation of me becoming a snowbunny. I was about to take a cock more than double his size and I knew exactly how much he was about to witness me cum on this BBC. All of these things made my pussy drip. Then once he pushed his monster cock in my mouth it took my pussy to another level of wet.

I bobbed on his cock as much as I could. Still working on my deepthroating skills which a BBC I had yet to meet would teach me how to master.  I was trying the best I could and hearing his soft moans only added to my lust. Finally turned me around and put me on the bed doggy. I was facing my boyfriend was precumming all over the place. He started to run the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips and my body started to push back into him, begging for his cock.

Then it happened, my first BBC slid almost effortlessly inside my hungry pussy. I was so wet he had no problems at all sliding in, and I had no problems at all having an earth-shattering orgasm. He fucked me right through that orgasm and told me to suck my fiancee’s cock which was impossible because it was all I could do to hold on to the bed and not pass out from the intense pleasure I was experiencing.

Finally, I looked up at my boyfriend who was still making a mess with his rock hard little cock, watching his girlfriend be converted into a slutty snowbunny. We locked eyes and I realized that he was fucking me without any protection. We never even talked about it. I hadn’t had my tubes tied yet, there was a possibility he could get me pregnant and at that moment I had one of the best orgasms of my life. It was just wave after wave of pure pleasure. This was so wrong and so taboo and felt so good that it was the perfect storm of physical pleasure and mental mind fuck. He took me in a few other positions none of which I remember now as the memory has become a blur of pleasure. I do remember him looking me in the eyes, with him on top, being completely spent when he gave me this very serious look followed by a smile and blew his load deep in my pussy. A place I know that had never had a load of cum before.

He was sweet and made some more small talk, told me how great I was and gave me a kiss as he left.  Understanding cuckold angst, my boyfriend somehow didn’t cum until it was over and he was gone. He shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen, all over himself.  Later I drifted off to sleep in my boyfriend’s arms, with a pussy full of black cum knowing that things had changed and that it was going to be great.