Pornstar Interview – Alura Jenson

When I was thinking of all of the ways to make Spades Mag better one of the things that jumped out at me was the idea of pornstar interviews.  These interviews would be with women in the mainstream porn industry and who star in interracial scenes often but may not consider themselves Queens of Spades or BBC exclusive.

For the very 1st interview I was able to score a raw, uncensored, honest and hot interview with superstar Alura Jenson.  Talk about a dream interview!!! Alura is unmatched in the porn industry – voluptuous, insatiable, goddess-like.  While those words have been used to describe many others who have appeared in XXX scenes, no one can doubt that Alura inhabits the meaning of those words like none other. One of the things that I have always loved about Alura is that what you see is what you get.  She is the same thoughtful, engaging, open, free soul off-screen as well as on screen.

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Spades Magazine: Hey Alura. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Tell the readers of Spades Mag about you.

Alura Jenson: I grew up in a very strict Catholic home. Sex was for procreation only, anything other than missionary sex was a sin,….that sort of belief system. As I grew older, the shame my upbringing had placed upon sexuality began to falter. There were so many different kinds of sex, partnerships, practices. I remember thinking to myself, ” All of these people can’t be evil.” They seemed so happy, so content with themselves. Meanwhile, my own role models were judgmental, unhappy, extremely racist. I very rarely remember my mother smiling(my parents were divorced. More on that later. Raised in a traditional Italian home, my sisters and I were NEVER allowed to have black friends, let alone express interest in a black man romantically. That was considered a grievous dishonor to our family’s bloodline. Boy, did that attempt to influence us bite them in the ass. My family spent so much time expressing so much hatred, they actually made me revolt. I can’t hate anyone. To hate someone is to fear them. To fear someone is to deny them understanding. My brain couldn’t be so blindly against an entire demographic of humanity, simply because their skin cells contained more melanin. The concept seemed ridiculous to me and I ventured forward to understand why my family was so against me expressing interest in black men (or women.) My formidable years, as an emerging sexual being, were shaped by refusing to blindly adapt to someone else’s fear. My late father, a wonderful man, was dismissed from his marriage to my mother because his sexual needs were less than traditional. That’s what sealed my confidence to decide what was right for me, not to accept my mother’s beliefs as gospel. My father was a pivotal influence in my decision to always decide for myself what was right for me. He taught me that a person should be accepted or denied based upon their character, not their physical attributes. He raised me to believe that the moment restrictions are placed upon connecting with another individual, I would be limiting my ability for a potential love or friendship. My father expressed that truly connecting with another person was a rare gift, and, that I should allow myself any possible opportunity to respect that blessing. Of course, he didn’t know I’d wind up being a porn star, nor did he approve, but, he did love me as a person and was eternally proud of the woman I grew to be. That was his way of life- a person’s heart defines who they are, their character speaks of their value.  His death was a sad event, in 2016. The world lost a warrior for Equal Rights of ALL people, not just those of different races.

SM: How did you get into porn?

AJ: This is a really fun story, with a bit of questionable legality. Lol. I tried the traditional American lifestyle- got married right out of high school, joined the military, began my college education. For twelve years, I attempted to live the life that I thought was respectable. My only guidelines to an upstanding life was what I knew. Everyone in my family, even the women, served at least one enlistment in the military. Everyone(even if it was later in life) went to college. Everyone got married and had children…… that was supposed to make someone a productive, honorable person. That’s what I knew. Unfortunately, being a beautiful woman, with a larger-than-life zesty personality, is actually a bad thing when it comes to military order. I was a distraction, I stood out. My presence commanded attention and comradery when the higher-ups wanted a specific manner of operations. In short, my exemplary efforts would go unnoticed and people, working beside me, would take credit for my work. My supervisors were predators, they all had extramarital affairs with people. I learned that was the only way to be accepted in my offices, to be a part of the in-crowd. When they turned their attention to me, older, unattractive female counterparts rained hellfire on me, as if I was going to cower in order to make them feel better. Fuck em, I told myself. No matter what I do, I can’t fit in anywhere. The supervisors only wanted to fuck me and those who didn’t want to fuck me hated me because the others did. It was a never-ending no-win situation. Shortly before I turned 30 years old, I decided that I was going to live my life in a way that made me happy, that I was sick to pieces of constantly being under fire, just because I looked a certain way and had a healthy ability to relate to people. That was bullshit. Just before the end of my enlistment, I was at the gym, late at night, swimming in the pool. Two plus-sized women approached me. They asked me if I was a dancer (stripper). I said no, that I was in the military. They told me I could be a dancer, that I had the look to do really well. This scared the Hell out of me. I mean, I thought I was okay looking, pretty if I really put myself together. Nonetheless, I never thought I could actually work as a Las Vegas dancer. Those women were in a different league, I thought. Besides, my body reflected a woman’s life experiences. My confidence lead me to at least go to the audition. I was hired, on the spot, and embarked upon an eight-year gluttony of sex, drinking, and money. I loved every single day of it. Every single day. Sex with as many people who asked, nearly driving myself into an addiction for copulation with strangers. Six to ten different men a day, for five to seven days a week, for eight years. I kept my two lives separate. My home life, I was Susie Homemaker. My work life, I was the most indulgent deviant my parameters would allow. Eight years I lived in luxury, under an umbrella of pseudo-stardom. The club, where I exclusively worked, would use my photographs to advertise their business, it’s still on their ATM to this day. One day, another dancer, Rebecca Love, asked if I’d be an extra in a Brazzers scene. An extra, for those who aren’t familiar, is just a background actor, a filler character. This was in early October of 2011. It

sounded like a hoot, plus, it was a paid gig. I thought, “What the hell?” A month and a half later, after the movie had come out, the regional executive personally got a hold of me. He said,” The audience saw you in the background and they want to see you in a scene.” This tickled the shit out of me. I was already making money, hand over fist, as a dancer. I thought, what’s one more dick? I agreed. My career simply blew up, overnight. There were very few full-figured women, who were not BBWs, in the industry. Julie Cash and Karen Fisher, both extraordinary women, were the only two notables I could think of at the time.  My newfound hobby, performing, became a safe way for me to practice my insatiable sexual appetite. So, I dove in with both feet and said I’d make it a career. I have loved every minute of it, since.

SM: I’m sure a bunch of our readers are wondering if life imitates art.  Are you into Black men and BBC in your personal life?

AJ: I am into people. I don’t exclude anyone’s company in my personal life because of their physical characteristics. I’ve dated and loved and married men of all races. My first child, my daughter, is the result of my first love affair. At 16, I fell in love with my best friend, who happened to be black. We created a wonderful human being, who represented both of us. She, in turn, experienced men with the same open mind, marrying a mixed man and having a mixed child. Remarkably, they’re both medium skinned and their child has pale skin and blue eyes. Science is striking, sometimes. I joke with them that their next child will resemble their fathers, who are both very dark. Because we were young, my relationship with my daughter’s father ended lovingly, as we both moved forward with our futures. We still talk, on rare occasion, today. Since then, I’ve loved many men, of all races. After my divorce to my ex-husband, I fell madly in love with a wonderful, deeply rich toned black man. He was so exceptional, in every way. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t kind to us developing anything more serious than we had. I still think about him sometimes. God, he was exquisite. Had things worked out, I’d have married him in a heartbeat. I love a man, any man, who takes care of himself, who’s confident and educated, and kind. He was everything I enjoyed in a partner.

SM: There is a perception that girls who do Interracial porn have trouble advancing in their porn careers or becoming popular. Have you experienced that?

AJ: This is an industry malady, one based on GREED instead of personal preference. It is a dishonesty that perpetuates segregation and inequality and it makes me absolutely sick. I’ll explain: Most porn starlets have a shelf life. There are so many hopefuls and they’re a dime a dozen. Unless a woman is remarkably different, she has very little chance of surviving in the field more than a short while. These newbies think that all it takes to be successful is to show up, fuck a few guys, and BOOM! They expect to be famous. That’s why you see so much ridiculous sh*t happening in some porn scenes. These girls, who haven’t f*cked off their baby fat yet, are performing sexual acts that are violent, dangerous, and simply inhuman. Why? Because they have nothing to offer of interest except the extremism. Their agents, blinded by sucking the life out of a girl’s value, tell her not to do certain work so they can elongate her shelf life, to make a last ditch effort to make her marketable to a bored audience. It’s a ploy to manipulate the audience out of money. My response? Why the f*ck is performing with a black man ANY different than performing with one of the starlet’s same race? That would imply that black men somehow degenerate the starlet’s value, and, that’s why they reserve IR performances for last. Because, at that point, the industry says she has nothing left to offer, the damage of working with a black man would cause little harm to an already failing future. Complete and utter bullsh*t, I say. Who the f*ck cares if so and so is doing her first anal? Interracial? Double penetration? If she was any kind of a fabulous f*ck, she’d be doing great sex scenes all the time, since the beginning, not discriminating based upon race. Nonetheless, agents and industry greed teach these new girls that doing so is the way to success. Me? No. I haven’t experienced that discrimination. My very first XXX scene was for Brazzers, with Lucas Stone. Lucas Stone is a Hall of Fame performer, who happens to be black. Did that stop me from making a successful career? Nope. Not one bit. My performances include ALL people. All races, sexes, orientations, ages(over 18), and body types. To me, sex is a fantastic thing, a biological function. Why would I deny myself an opportunity because someone’s different? That would be silly.

SM: Are you bisexual?

AJ: Hehehe……oh goodness. Yes. I’m a bisexual, but, a monogamous one. If I’m in a relationship, I don’t cheat….because I don’t have to. I understand that many people live lives in which they’re not happy, or stuck in a bad situation. To them, I say, you have every right to do what’s right for you. My personal life, however, includes the swinging lifestyle. Whoever I choose to be with has to understand and accept that for fun, once in a while and with respect, I’d like for us to get wild with other people. Most of the time, that means that I want to watch my man f*ck other women. If the experience gets wild, I’ll join in with her. On occasion, I’ll include the woman’s husband.

SM: Do your friends and family know that you do porn?  What is their reaction?

AJ: I’m not ashamed of what I do. Yes, everyone in my life knows. It’s kind of hard to hide at this point, but, they’ve known since the beginning. My children are all adults now, but, I didn’t hide it from them. To hide it from them, instead of educating them, would have given them a reason to be ashamed. I only expose my family to the anesthetized aspects of my job, not the mechanics of the performing. They hear things about my work which can be used to describe any job. For instance, instead of telling them I have a boy/girl scene, I tell them I have to go to work. I can joke with them about it, now that they’ve had several years to get used to it. We talk about workplace conflicts, stresses, or accolades. That makes it easy for them to discuss it, without violating their comfort. I talk to them about it as if I worked in a traditional occupation.

SM: You have filmed with such BBC stars as Mandingo, Lexington Steele, and Rome Major.  Who haven’t you filmed with that you would love to film with?

AJ: I’ve shot scenes with so many male talents, I can’t keep track. Lol…..I work with anyone who’s tested. I especially enjoy co-stars who have vibrant personalities and a grand on-camera presence. Being on camera, for a male performer, is NOT easy, even if they make it appear to be. The physical demands of a sexual performance are little known to the public. It takes an outrageous physical stamina for a guy to control his anatomy anywhere from 3 to 9 hours! I know very few people who can do that. The more the merrier, I say, and, I see all people as equal. This means I don’t hold anyone on a pedestal above another. I’ll work with anyone who wants to shoot!

SM: Besides the fact that you get to fuck big cocks on film, are you a size queen?

AJ: I know this isn’t a very porno-type answer, but, my honesty betrays my desire to entertain sometimes. No. I am not a size queen, at all. I’m a fantastic f*ck queen. Men are built differently like women are built differently. Everyone has a unique physicality, and, that includes their genitalia. A man can have a modest or humble private presence and still be an incredible lover. A man may have limited sexual stamina and still be a satisfying partner. I would NEVER turn down an encounter with a man because he’s not gigantic in the jeans. That’s unfair. Plus, to assume that all black men are built like these film stars is unfair. Black men on camera are made to look enormous between the legs. Granted, some are much larger than most, but, put the most part, there is an average length and girth to expect. That’s why female performers are typically very petite, to make the man’s dick look much larger than it is. Think about it like this: If you placed that same giant dick with a woman of my size, would he still look as superhuman? No. He would look like some of your readers. Everyday people. I’ve learned in life to enjoy the man, as a whole, when engaging in sex. I’m about the total experience of a man in bed, not just one part of him.

SM: What are turn-ons and turn-offs?

AJ: Oh goodness. You’ve opened a Pandora’s box with this one. I see lovers in their totality. Their personal comfort, how they treat others, their ability to engage their surroundings, and they present themselves. This has nothing to do with the way a man(or woman) is built. A person can be crazy-sexy and be boring in the sack. What’s the point of getting into bed with a boring, narcissistic, or disinterested person? That’s a waste of time, to me. I get turned on by funny people, people that know how to laugh. I am obscenely attracted to smart men, no matter if their education is formal or from life experience. I’m instantly aroused by a person who can have a lively conversation, whether with a crowd or just with me. I can see people. I’ve always been able to since I was very young. Every man or woman has something special about them, a gift. I can normally identify this about someone when meeting them. That’s the trait that attracts me the most. My turn-offs? Violence, indifference, and condescension. I don’t mean hair pulling sex, either. I mean someone who is a bully, in or out of the bedroom. I am instantly turned off by bad manners, seriously. Someone with bad manners is going to be an assh*le in the bed. I’d rather share my lovin’ with someone who’ll appreciate it.

SM: Ok now for some of the sexual questions. Do you like anal?

AJ: Anal is something I’ll do if I’m drunk. Lol……If a lover is more modestly sized, I offer it on a more regular basis. Other than that, no. Again, not the porno answer. However, on camera, I am cast to perform anal on a regular basis. This requires strenuous and potentially damaging preparation. It strips the digestive system of its necessary organisms, which are essential to metabolic health. That, and, the risk of rectal or intestinal injury is definitely a factor. I’ve been genuinely injured during an anal scene. No, I do not enjoy it. However, after a few drinks……lol.

SM: Are you a moaner or screamer?  Are you louder on film than in you are in personal life?

AJ: Hmm. On camera and off, I’m an honest woman. If the sex is good, I’m louder than if I’m bored or uncomfortable. The volume of my voice, during orgasm, is directly related to how hard I cum. Sometimes, my big O is a moaner. Sometimes, it’s a total body, “Holy F*ck”

SM: Are you a swallower or a spitter?

AJ: On film, I do whatever I’m hired to do. I can’t stand having a load dropped on my face. That sh*t is so freaking rude and I have no idea why anyone would find it sexy. To ejaculate on a woman’s face is an act of aggression. I don’t have that sh*t. If someone doesn’t like me enough to share their climax, instead of punishing me with it, I don’t want it and they don’t deserve to give it to me. Take that sh*t to another woman, one who is desperate for the sex. My take on spitting or swallowing is the following: If I’m taking the time and the effort to render a blow job, I am into a guy. It might be for just that experience or for a longer period of time. Either way, I’m attracted to him. If I spit out his cum, what does that say? It says that I like him enough to suck his dick, but, not to finish the job. That’s rude. Not swallowing is rude and an insult to the man. I would never spit after finishing a blow job….I’d want the man to know that I’ve enjoyed myself, that giving the oral sex was something I really wanted to do. Spitting it out doesn’t really give that idea, but, says she felt obligated and can’t wait to finish the act. Again….just rude.

SM: Where is your favorite place to get cum?

AJ: Like a grown woman, inside me somewhere. My mouth, my ass, my pussy. Sex is about a connection. Why interrupt that connection at the point during which it matters most? How are you sharing yourself with someone if you deny them something so precious? With a condom or not, an orgasm should be shared between two people.

SM: Are you kinkier on film or in personal life?

AJ: My desire is the same at both times. However, my style is adaptable to the comfort of my partner. I can enjoy a sexual experience, to the maximum extent possible, if my partner is having a great time! An orgasm is merely a muscle spasm. How I achieve that doesn’t matter. Lol……

SM: Ever fuck a celebrity or had one slid into your DMs?  

AJ: Yes. That’s all I’m going to say. Lol. Discretion is key.

SM: Would you ever fuck a fan?

AJ: I have and I do. Fans are welcome and encouraged to become first time performers with me if they ask. I thoroughly screen every fan who requests to shoot a scene, require regulated health tests and industry registrations. Just yesterday, a fan was initiated into the industry, after he showed up at my house with my lost wallet. He was such a fan, he returned the wallet, intact and expressed his adoration for my work. To thank him, unprovoked, I invited him to star in my first major production. He’s now a character in the series I’m producing. If fans aren’t into the camera work, I consider them for other areas of my sexual entertainment. Lol. Again, can’t be a jerk and expect it to happen. The fan has to be willing to adhere to my safety observations and not get weird or clingy. I don’t do the puppy dog thing.

SM: How do you want your career to progress? What do you have in store for your fans?

AJ: My career will progress according to the natural order of its intended path. I accept that. However, my newest development is that I’ve started producing feature-length DVDs. My first, in a series of movies, wrapped production yesterday. It’s titled, “An Alluring Secret,” and is on its way to editing shortly. Fans can look forward to high production value footage coming from me, for all of my sites. I’ve become independent, allowing fans to see me more often without being required to wade through content that might not interest them.

SM: Thanks, Alura for the amazing interview.  Any parting thoughts? And where can our readers keep up with you?

AJ: Yes! I owe my eternal gratitude to OC Modeling for their leadership and mentoring. I also want to thank Pornstar Platinum for teaching me how to produce my own scenes, and for guiding me to become much more active in performing. I’m so thankful for their continued contributions to my successful future. Also, I’m grateful to my fans. Genuinely. Without my fans, I wouldn’t have a job. Thank you, for taking the interest in my work, and, for reaching out to express your opinions. Good or not-so-flattering, I consider everyone’s opinions when I make decisions. Your input counts! My parting thought to my fans is: Do what’s right for you. If you enjoy something, or, find an interest in it, go for it. Don’t ever limit your sexuality based upon someone else’s expectations. You’ll be a much happier person. It took me years to learn this and if I can affect one person’s joy, by giving them the courage to reach further for their joy, my job is complete. Fans can find me on all social media, links are listed on my Twitter, @alurajenson. Thank you for reading!