Queen of Spades Interview – Wifey from KinkyVegasCpl

There is absolutely nothing in this world better than a hotwife with an insatiable, out of the world appetite for Big Black Cock.  That is exactly what you get with Wifey, the hotwife of KinkyVegasCpl.

When I was in the process of relaunching Spades Mag and working on content I developed a list of Queen of Spades interviews that were dream interviews for me and the blog.  Wifey was the top of that list. Considering how popular she is and all of the demands on her time I wasn’t even sure that she would agree to do it.  So I reached to her on her OnlyFans page (Side Note – If you aren’t a member of her OnlyFans you are missing out.  It is smoking hot and only $8!!! Seriously!!! There is a link to it at the end of this interview).  Much to my surprise, not only did she enthusiastically agree to an interview but proceeded to give one of the HOTTEST Queen of Spades interviews ever.  I also believe that this interview is her 1st and only interview to date so it’s only fitting that it is the 1st QoS interview of the new Spades Mag.

Thanks so much to Wifey for agreeing to do this interview and working with me.  Rest assured that you will plenty of her on Spades Mag in the future.


Spades Magazine: Hi Wifey. It’s so great to be doing this interview with you. When I started this blog you were on my dream list of interviews, so this quite exciting. Tell us all about you.

KinkyVegasCpl: I’m a born and raised Las Vegas native. Yes we do exist!! Lol. I am a wife of an amazing man who has introduced me into this amazing BBC lifestyle.  I have always worked in management in the hospitality industry. I’ve realized corporate doesn’t always value you as a person as I’d had hoped in life. I spent 5 years with a Company where I moved up the corporate ladder only to have it pulled away from me when they saw my Twitter where I post my BBC lifestyle and shared it with the world. My work at the time knew I did girl-girl porn, but somehow me enjoying BBC wasn’t appropriate for them. After 2 hours of crying I realized that fuck them I love who I am and what I do. So hubby and I decided to put together a studio for me to play in whenever I wanted. After a month or two we decided that we were going to take our studio to the next level and create a Private Members Only Lifestyle Group. It’s called PlayhouseLV where now I can enjoy all I want and also allow many other similar to me explore their desires. My home away from home where all my Fantasies become reality. And now I can share with the world and make others Fantasies just as much a  reality of mine. Together hubby and I have taken our lifestyle and created an environment where inhibitions are thrown out the window, Judgement ceases to exist, and you can become whoever you’ve always wanted to.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?

KVC: I’ve been in the swinger lifestyle since age 18. I’ve always had this inner desire to touch more than one person and when I experienced that there was no turning back. After dating older men for 3 years and marrying into a monogamous relationship only to be cheated on, I realized that I experienced both sides. Monogamy and Swinging are both a personal preference, but I’ve been given the chance to explore both for over a period of 3 years on one side and 5 years on another. And after experiencing both it took a week after my divorce to get back into my swinging lifestyle, it felt natural. It opened me right back up to who I am and what I love. I wanted and desired multiple men. I was fortunate enough along the way to reconnect with a man that I met at a lifestyle Halloween party from 8 years prior. Once we reconnected I only wanted to have sex and take dance lessons with him. Little did I know 3 weeks later we would move in together and start living a life only people could dream of.

My husband introduced me into the BBC lifestyle slowly. Took many.. many.. weeks of social media videos, gifs, and many other yummy things he would send via text hourly. After looking over and over I began to have a desire to try. Once I told hubby I was ready to try he set it up. It was an unbelievable experience, almost like having sex all over again. And now my husband has created an animal within me that Craves and desires BBC always. With my husband’s love and daily encouragement, my life is only what I can explain as a Dream Cum True.

SM: Have you always been attracted to Black men or is that something that developed later?

KVC: I have not always been attracted to black men, but over 3 years ago when introduced there was no stopping the inevitable.  

SM: What drew you to Black men? Why do you like making love to Black men?

KVC: My husband is the one who has drawn me to black men. We are both all about trying new things and exploring boundaries. My husband and I have worked opposite schedules since we have been together. Being so far from each other and rarely sleeping in the same bed we ALWAYS found ways to satisfy each other. So hubby and I would send GIFS, pictures, videos, etc back and forth via text to turn each other one. Each day the content we exchanged varied. Depended on our mood, horniness level and about how close we both were to cumming. All I can tell you is the closer I am to cumming the nastier things become.  Those images we exchanged become embedded in your mind when you see them over and over. Almost like being “brainwashed” my husband always tells me. So we would have our kinks daily, weekly and sometimes same kink flooded into Monthly and that is how hubby introduced me into the IR world AKA as MY BBC world-Where I learned black men are my craving & desire.

“Once you go black you never go back” is an absolute TRUE statement in my world. I LOVE, Let me repeat….I LOVEEEE making love to black men! Mainly because their stamina, their size, their endurance, their bodies, and the fact that my husband is not black makes it THE BEST!

SM: How did your first Black experience come about and did your taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

KVC: My black experience came about through my husband. He lined it all up! After teasing me and sending me IR pictures and videos and seeing how pleased the girl in all the pictures and videos I WANTED and NEEDED to feel like that! So I finally told him one day I wanted a BBC. He arranged everything.

Let me tell you I have been swinging my whole life and I’ve never been that nervous as I was that night. But the excitement running through me had my heart pounding and my pussy dripping. The passion was there indeed. This black skin pressed unto mine, his distinct scent I can still remember, my hands wrapping around this chocolate stranger became so natural as his cock slid inside me. I think I forgot to breathe for just a few moments as I felt him enter inside me. It’s an unbelievable and indescribable feeling, It’s something you have to see and want to experience at the moment. Just like when I saw an IR video and watched the pleasure through a white girls face take their cock. Ahhh, excited and lost in thought while I write this…. OK back to reality…

SM: How has your IR sex life progressed since that 1st Black experience?  Any regular Black lovers?

KVC: My IR sex life has progressed so immensely that I truly can’t get enough. I love multiple BBCs all at once or trains run on me. The more I get the more I want. The insatiable desire to feel them between my legs overcomes everything in life except the love I have for my amazing husband. So much my husband created a place for me called PlayhouseLV which is a private members-only lifestyle group. Now I have a stable of BBC’s and I officially do what I love.

SM: Who do you prefer to sleep with? Your husband or your Black lovers? Who do you sleep with more? Your Husband or your Black lovers?

KVC: I prefer ONLY to sleep with Black lovers. Every once in a while I’ll allow hubby to feel how stretched and used I am. And secretly in hopes that I want to know if I have been stretched enough, I can’t feel hubby’s cock anymore.

SM: What’s your favorite way to pleasure BBC or be pleasured by them? Do you prefer one or groups?

KVC: My favorite way to pleasure a BBC is to let them use me however they may like with a few boundaries set in place. Oral is like a sexy challenge for me. Their cocks are sometimes so thick and big I can’t get down my throat. So I LOVEEE trying to fit as much of them inside my mouth as possible. But my favorite is being moved in all sorts of positions and feeling them throbbing inside me when they cum. I mean they r so big inside me I can feel them press against my pussy walls. I don’t even care if I don’t cum.

As for my preference the more the better and NOOO, there is NEVER enough. I prefer groups so I always have something to do and love trains just so I have the feeling of truly being used. Just line em up, cum and leave, one after another.

SM: Are you strictly for BBC or do you date and sleep with other races?

KVC: I have been strictly BBC for over 3 years and I only sleep with other races from time to time just to fill in the gap of when I am out and about and I am so horny any cock will do. But if I ever have a cock from another race I always assume they are just foreplay in my mind because they DO NOT satisfy me the way a BBC does.

SM: What is the kinkiest thing that you have ever done?

KVC: Every fantasy my husband fulfills and makes a reality for me. To choose one of the kinkiest moments in my life would be tough because everyone’s lifestyle is unique to them. If I had to choose only one I would choose the night I worked till 1 am and headed to a swinger place. I messaged the security guy and asked him how many BBCs were around. He said 5 and I’m like Score!!! I need to head over there. All night I had one BBC enter the room fuck me cum and leave over and over until #12. All new and all BBC. I walked out of the club so satisfied and used I still was horny I just wanted to feel like that every single day.

Now every week I get that same fulfillment because hubby and I created PlayhouseLV and I get to enjoy when and how I want. It absolutely life-changing.

SM: Are you a size queen? What’s the biggest cock you have had? What is the perfect size cock for you?

KVC: Me a size queen? But of course!!!!! I love the feeling of being stretched. I have to tell you that I remember when my husband 3 years ago said: “Your pussy is going to be so stretched and happy after you have BBC’s”. He sent me pics and videos of used girls pussy after a BBC and I was soooo scared. I didn’t want my sexy pussy to be stretched and used like that. What if she didn’t bounce back to her normal shape? I was against it and that made me hesitant, but omg once you have a BBC and then another and another you crave more and bigger and better!! The biggest I’ve had was 11 ½ inches and I did have a very hard time walking. Such a satisfied feeling. I remember working out with my trainer one day and was noticing how open and loose my pussy felt. What an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Not only was I happy because I was used but even more happy realizing my body was just as happy. “Glowing from the inside out” is what I always say. BBCs give me that natural glow I love!

Now as for the perfect size BBC…. Bigger is better but isn’t always the case. My husband’s cock is 8 inch so nothing smaller. Why would I want a BBC smaller than that if I had an 8”non-BBC at home? Have I had smaller BBCs than 8”? Of course, but a perfect BBC is 10” and a questionable girth size that makes my mouth tingle from trying to wrap my lips around that cock.

SM: What do you want to do most in the lifestyle that you haven’t done yet? Is that your biggest sexual fantasy? and if not, what is your biggest sexual fantasy?

KVC: What I want to do most in the lifestyle is encourage other women into the IR lifestyle. Not everyone is as fortunate as me as having a Husband in life to encourage them to do what they want and make their fantasies cum true. So I want to introduced other women into the IR lifestyle. I currently have a girlfriend who hubby and I both encouraged her together and when she had her first BBC omg was she in heaven. Still, till this day, she plays with BBCs along with others, but now she has standards and fantasies she wants to explore more than she ever imagined.

One big sexual fantasy is I want 10 plus BBCs lined up and all cum all over me all at once. The logistics of that are tough to make a reality, but trust me that won’t stop me from trying. My philosophy in life is to try everything once or twice or seven times just to make sure.

SM: Are you into anal?

KVC: I am into anal more toward my husband only, but one day he gave away “my ass” as we call it and now I do anal 3-5 times a month usually with mixed strangers and every once in a while I get so horny and get used so well by BBCs I become what my husband calls “Cock Drunk” I let BBCs in my ass and I LOVEEEE it. So I would have to say I’m training myself to enjoy more anal.

SM: Swallow or spit?

KVC: Swallow, spitting is just rude. My Mom raised me to be a lady. lol

SM: Do you have a Queen of Spades tattoo? If not would you get one to show your love for BBC?

KVC: I DO not have a QOS tattoo. I have used the temporary ones before but not as good as the real thing. I currently have no tattoos and the thought has crossed my mind frequently, but not at this time. But never say never. I am one horny Hotwife.

SM: Does any of your family or friends know about your involvement in the lifestyle or your love for BBC? If not how do you think they would react?

KVC: I used to hide my QOS lifestyle from everyone. Worked hard in management world for over 5 years at a Company and when they saw my Twitter page they fired me. So after that happened I stopped caring what people thought. I am proud of being a Hotwife QOS. And I won’t let people decide how I should live my life based on their corporate narrow-minded views. As for my family a few do know, a few know but don’t mention and others are completely in the dark.

One of my sisters knows about my lifestyle and she wasn’t judgemental at all. And trust me she has tried since I mentioned.

SM: What turns you on? Turn Offs? What do you look for in a guy?

KVC: Turns on is simply fuck me, cum and leave. The less I know about a strange BBC the better for the first time. If good enough and local then I can see multiple times and learn things over a period of time. I am happily married to an amazing guy, I am not trying to get to know someone and develop feelings, waste time, etc. It is just sex, let’s enjoy it in the simplest yet most fulfilling way so I can cuddle snuggle with my man and brag about it.

Turn offs are oral given to me. I know crazy to hear right? But it’s a waste of time for me. I want to feel a BBC inside me and I want it now. If I wanted my pussy licked I’ll have a female warm her up for a BBC.

What I look for in a guy: Is he a BBC? Height and weight proportionate? Dressed appropriately for the environment? And then the rest is a surprise which I very much like Exploring and finding out on my own.

SM: Are you bisexual?

KVC: I am bisexual. Women are beautiful why not explore their bodies with my mouth and tongue, but they are beautiful foreplay. They can’t give me all the fulfillment a male can even if I do cum with a female, I’ll always want that cock deep inside after.

SM: In case they are reading this blog, do you have a celebrity crush?

KVC: Celebrity Crush BBC wise I’d have to say Denzel Washington. I know I know, but he just does something for me.

SM: You also have your own website.  Have you always wanted to be a pornstar? How did you get involved in it?

KVC: I have my own Fan page Onlyfans.com/kinkyvegascpl where I post pics and videos of me enjoying BBC in the most natural state. Amateur filming from cams set up in our bedroom to POV with camera phones. I always want to stay in the moment and not lose how good I feel in one certain position just to stop and get a new angle. I enjoy BBC and feeling the ability to lose control to a complete stranger all the while being encouraged and supported by my husband, Nothing is hotter to me than after I get fucked by a BBC and they leave and I look at my husband with that unbelievably satisfied smile. Nothing says I Love You more than a kiss and a huge hug from my husband after I have been fucked by someone other than him.

With that being said hubby and I created something that would cater to our unique lifestyle. We created PlayhouseLV which I’ve mentioned throughout this questionnaire. It’s our Private Members Only Group where Fantasies become Reality. It’s a place where Hotwife events cater to women who indulge & enjoy in eXXXtra men. Couples Events cater to Couples who enjoy a private, drama free environment to meet other sexy Couples.. We wanted to create a place where desires are fulfilled without pressure or judgment. A place where beautiful and sexy people all alike surround each other. A place that’s intimate enough to let go of all inhibitions on your own terms.

SM: How long have you been making your own movies?

KVC: I’ve been making my own movies for over a year now on OnlyFans page. I used to make home videos and place on Twitter, but now I love posting them on OnlyFans and interacting personally with my fans.

SM: Where do you find the guys to film with for the site?

KVC: We find guys to film with off Twitter, Tumblr, and a few other social media sites. Having a Private Members Only Group I’m fortunate enough to have amazing members who film with me as well. Which of course I love doing with members because you can tell in the videos we both know each other’s bodies. What’s so naughty is soooo right. And love having hubby film them. Turns us both on.

SM: How do you want your porn career to progress? What do you have in store for the future?

KVC: I would love for my porn career to continue by simply being Me. I just want to play and get used by More BBC. It’s ultimately who I am. I am a Hotwife who loves and Craves BBC and I’m not ashamed to show the world. I want to be exactly who I am by fulfilling my desires, showing the world how much I love my life all the while sharing all my BBC experiences and Fantasies with all my fans. I want to create a bigger fan base, continue to interact with my fans personally and most importantly encourage other women like me to experience this lifestyle if it’s something they have an interest in. I know how hard it is to take that first step, but I want to help others take that step because there is an IR world that so many others would enjoy just as much as me.

What I have in store for my future is Growing PlayhouseLV & Hosting Not Only Exclusive Private Events But also hosting Elite Pool Party Takeovers that cater to people who enjoy being surrounded by sexy, good looking, no drama people.  With that being said PlayhouseLV Is hosting Weekly events, in which are all posted on the website. I am also hosting Pool Party Takeovers at the Artisan Boutique Hotel once a month starting May 2019 through Sept 2019 along with sexy night time pool events.

SM: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Wifey.  Where can someone keep up with you and get in contact with you?

KVC: To stay in touch with me I have many ways you can contact me. Please note the fan page is the most direct way to correspond with me.



  • Twitter: kinkyvegascpl
  • Tumblr: Sincitycpl69



Thank you for interviewing me and I appreciate everyone who took the time to read all my responses. I love all my fans and encourage any woman who has had even a thought of trying this BBC lifestyle to take that first step. You never know until you try.

Much love to all my fans and even more to my future fans. Have an amazing day and an even more incredible sexual adventure in the near future.