Spades Mag Is Back!!!

Hello everyone!!! It gives me great pleasure to let you all know that Spades Mag is officially back.  It’s been a long haul to get to this point but finally, the blog is back and here to stay.

Before I go on, let’s do a recap of the journey so far. I launched Spades Mag in May of 2014.  There were a couple of blogs that were publishing Queen of Spades interviews but they were ignoring whole sections of the lifestyle.  The authors of these blogs seemed intent on profiling + highlighting their favorite QoS and no one else. I thought that there should be a blog that interviewed ALL QoS.  So I launched Spades Mag with 3 interviews from Mandi McGraw, Rachel Domino, Harmoni Kalifornia.

The only vision that I had for Spades Mag was to do 1 or 2 QoS interviews per month and achieve a couple hundred views from the people in the lifestyle. Spades Mag was a hobby blog at best.

The blog took off faster than I expected. By January of 2015, Spades Mag included not only QoS interviews but also Bull interviews, special pic features, erotica, and interracial porn reviews among other things.  By the 1 year anniversary in May of 2015, the blog was up to 25k views per month with 10k followers on Twitter.  My inbox was filled with messages of encouragement – people that I didn’t know and who I had never met that told me how much they loved the blog.

It was at this time that I realized that I had something truly unique.  I had developed a brand without even realizing it.  So I decided to get serious about this blog and expand the content offerings while adding some structure. I started to think about and plan content out. I set a schedule of a new post every Tuesday and Thursday instead of the random order.  I added affiliate ads to promote various Queens of Spades with websites and make some money for the blog in the process. I also launched the Spades Awards as a way for fans to have a way to express their feelings about their favorite QoS.  Spades Mag kept growing + growing and exceeding all of my wildest dreams for the blog.

I am an entrepreneur in my vanilla life and I know that all successful ventures need a plan with some goals and objectives as well as an overall mission/purpose that helps to focus and steady the venture.  Spades Mag was serious business and it needed a business plan.

After attending and keynoting an entrepreneur’s conference in Chicago in March of 2018, I detoured to Indianapolis for a few days before heading home, to craft a business and action plan for Spades Mag that would start at its 4 year anniversary in May of 2018.

It was a wide-ranging plan that would see Spades Mag get into film production, events, and merchandise. All of it centered around the Lifestyle. It was a very ambitious plan. And the July came.

In July 2018, Blogger, the free blogging platform that I was using to publish Spades Mag, shut down the blog without any explanation. I lost 4 years of content in an instant.  The only thing I had from the original blog was the QoS interviews, which I had saved to a Google Drive account. I tried to figure out why Blogger shut down the blog. I reached out to them and would not hear anything from them in response for 6 MONTHS!!! Their response offered some lame response that I had improperly monetized the blog and was in critical violation of Google’s (which owns Blogger) blogging policy.  It was hogwash and it reeked of censorship, especially since I had run ads on the blog for 3 of its 4 years of existence.

By now you are probably thinking, “Why did it take you 15 months to relaunch Spades Mag?” And that would be a fair question.  A few things happened that delayed the launch.

First, I begin to evaluate what I was doing with Spades Mag and how I was portraying the Lifestyle. I cringed when I thought back on some of the items that I published. I realized that Blogger shutting down the blog might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  I will be honest – in the last year or so of the original Spades Mag, I became a sycophant about the numbers. I wanted to push those readership numbers as high as I could.  Quality took a back seat to quantity and big names.  The new Spades Mag had to be different.

Second, there needed to be some distinction between Spades Mag and all of the other blogs. Spades Mag was known but readers have to feel that something about the blog is different, worth the time and even money.  So I had to revamp the plan and the focus of Spades Mag.

Finally, there were significant changes in my vanilla life – some drastic upheavals, new opportunities and most importantly, new ways of thinking.

So here we are – the dawn of a new era for this blog.  I am excited by the plan for this blog and the direction that it will go in.  There will be new content features that are quality and that you will find nowhere else. There will be ebooks + educational courses to help people who are coming into the lifestyle and for those who want to enhance their experience in the lifestyle.  There will be an exclusive clothing line that QoS + Bulls + all others in the lifestyle will be happy to wear. It will also be stylish and affordable.  I am also working on revamping the symbols that are associated with this lifestyle and I think people will absolutely love them.

There are many things that are in the works and projects + partnerships that are being finalized as you read this.  I will be reading out announcements through to the end of 2019.  Ultimately, I believe longtime and new readers alike will love and truly benefit from the work of the new Spades Mag.

Last and certainly not least I have to thank you some special folks who have helped me and advised me and supported me throughout this process.  This has been the private advisory board that I have worked out many ideas through Twitter DMs, emails, texts, phone calls, Skype calls, and in-person meetings.  Each one of the following people are vital reasons why Spades Mag will be better going forward.

  • Vexie Sapphire
  • Rachel Domino and her hubby Jimmy
  • Roxy Dover and her hubby Ben
  • Aspen Edwards
  • Jadan Snow and her hubby
  • Kara Sweet and her hubby
  • Richard Mann
  • SecretPlayWife and Mr. SPW

I want to give special thanks to Rachel Domino, Harmoni Kalifornia and Mandi McGraw who agreed to do the 1st interviews when I had no blog or credibility.  I was just a guy with an idea. Not only did they take a chance on me but they promoted the blog to their large and loyal fan bases and gave me a huge boost.

Finally, I want to thank the fans who have stayed with the blog on Twitter and other platforms and actively encouraged me to bring back the blog.  Many of you would send me on a message on Twitter or through email during the hiatus just to see how I was doing. I am beyond grateful for that.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think of the new Spades Mag. Also please feel free to reach out to me @ with your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. I really love hearing from you.


Drew Marston