21 Reasons I Choose BBC Pt. 3

Ever wonder why a Queen of Spades or a Hotwife would choose BBC? Well, I got one of my good friends, SecretPlayWife, to give us 21 reasons why she chooses BBC!!! SecretPlaywife was the 2016 Queen of Spades of the Year for the original Spades Mag so I think she would know a thing or 2 about picking BBC. Now to be fair, SecretPlaywife already wrote this piece for her website, HallPassZone.com.  She was gracious enough to give me permission to share it with you all here on Spades Mag.  I have divided the 21 reasons into 3 parts and I will be publishing Reasons 15-21 (the final edition) today.  Click here to read Part 1 and Click here to read Part 2.

All opinions expressed in the following article are SecretPlaywife’s and do NOT reflect ALL Queens of Spades and Hotwives.  I encourage QoS and Hotwives who agree to leave a comment if they agree or have a reason that was not shared.  Finally please support and follow SecretPlayWife.  You can find her on her websiteTumblr, and Twitter.

Ok SecretPlayWife, take it away.


BBC Preference Reason 15 – Better Sex Music

This is a personal taste thing. I like all types of music. I love Broadway musicals and listen to pop and blues and electronic music too. Whatever your opinion of nasty hip hop, it’s my preference for gangbang encounters. Lots of clubs run porn on their screens, but I don’t want to compete against THOSE thin young women. And I don’t like the audio in porns either. I like some funky get down and dirty hip hop and R&B for doing the nasty. I tried playing it when I had three non-BBC guys over, but it was a little weird. I’m sure it was just me, but I felt odd playing Lil Jon and Snoop in that situation (actually Slacker picked for me). Give me a group of stallion BBCs and everyone likes the music.

BBC Preference Reason 16 – Less Sexting

I have a career, family, non-sex hobbies and organizations I contribute my time to, a demanding husband (love you honey), and am generally a busy woman. Because I’m on adult social media venues, I get a ton of messages within those systems. Some of the guys have my kik or cell number because I gave it out when nearing an agreed-do play rendezvous. Guys like pics and they especially like pics sent in real time by real women just for them. And they like fantasizing.

Ugggh. Sorry. I don’t have time. Hubby has posted a thousand pics of me on free social media and thousands more here. Find one you like. I love that you enjoy my pics, really I do, but I don’t want to talk fantasy sex. When I have time for sex, I want a guy in person.

Stallion BBCs as a group, in general, don’t spend much time asking to sext or asking for pics. They do check in on me once in a while, usually to see if I have availability coming up soon, but I don’t have to do that awkward thing of telling them I don’t have time to sex chat. It just doesn’t come up. If I had to guess, and this is just a guess, I assume perhaps they have lots of opportunities, plus willingness, to meet women in person and so sexting is less of an outlet. But I might be totally off base on that one. Either way, my sext-declines went way down when I went qos.

BBC Preference Reason 17 – Milf is Great

So much of porn tends to flaunt young shapely nubile women as the pinnacle of what should turn a man on. As a women, I measured myself apologetically against that standard for a long time. Most stallion BBCs I’ve met actually express a preference for women in their 30s or older, and I believe them to be sincere. (I’m sure they’d be happy with young married women too). I get a lot of inquiries from guys of all types who want to play with me. You’d be surprised at how many ask my age. Rarely does an experienced stallion BBC ask. I find I’m simply more comfortable and feel less like excusing my age when I meet with stallion BBCs.

BBC Preference Reason 18 – Pound It Out

Men usually see guys do those deep slow thrusts that show the woman you enjoy her and you want her to feel you. While that may work for some women, it doesn’t work for me. I need friction, and lots of it. Most stallion BBCs do rapid slapping sex as a matter of routine. No need to thrust and hold as deep as they can go, I can feel their length just fine, thank you. (sorry smaller guys). Just grab on and pound your body against mine at about 2 slaps per second and keep it up for a good 5 minutes. Oh, and don’t cum prematurely despite all that fast pumping friction.

Getting exhausted? Hit the gym and work that core. My climaxes are depending on it.

BBC Preference Reason 19 – Less Romance

I love my husband. I’m a happily married woman.

Most men I meet have been taught all their lives to woo women with dinner, flowers, buy them drinks, tell them they’re pretty, show an interest in their lives, be conversational, be flattering. I don’t want any of that from the stallions I fuck. I want a nice guy who is conversationally adept to put his large hard cock into my lady tulip and pump it until the liquid squirts out that signals I’ve hit cloud 9.

Stallion BBCs get that. They have been exposed to the hotwife theme long enough to know where that awkward romance line is and to not cross it.

A word about kissing.

Pretty Woman is a good movie, but Pretty Woman fucked up sex for everyone. I like kissing. During sex. When your cock is entering me or when you’re pulling out, feel free to kiss. Lips are sensual. It’s another erogenous zone like my nipples. Kissing feels good. Just don’t go for long deep romantic french kisses with our clothes on. Save that for your girlfriend.

The above said, if you see me at a bar, I’d love for you to buy me a drink.

BBC Preference Reason 20 – Faster Recovery

We’ve all seen the romcom that shows the couple finally having sex. After the climax, the guy flops over exhausted but happy. Queue dressing and leaving, or sleeping and breakfast.

Most BBCs I know consider an orgasm to be like a bar drink. Bartender, I’ll have another! They expect to orgasm several times in a night. Not all can do that, depending on fatigue and such, but it’s typical that after a bit of post-orgasm chit chat I find they are rolling me onto my knees rather than reaching for their pants. Uh oh, I’m going to squirt again and I don’t have a towel down… oh fuck I’m coming!

BBC Preference Reason 21 – Clarity of Bull in Pics

We’re a same-race couple. Most couples are. Some are interracial, and this won’t apply to them.

We meet regular guys who are local and I fuck them while hubby takes pics. They usually don’t want their face in the pic. That means you often see closeups of a cock next to or inside my naughty bits. It’s way easier to know whether you’re seeing a photo of a wife with her husband (hot) or a photo of a stranger fucking a married woman (way hotter) if that cock is a different color from that of the husband.

Disclaimer: I’m generalizing here. I’ve met and played with many men of all races and found exceptions to everything I’m saying in this post. I’ve met BBCs who don’t fit this description, and I’ve met many non-BBCs who have this same positive attribute. This is a broad generalization. Please don’t take offense. I am putting it out here because, for me, with the type of play I most enjoy, I want this attribute and am slightly more likely to have it happen if I play with a BBC in lieu of anyone else. Thus, I’m playing the odds, which, like good casinos, are almost 50/50 but tilted ever so slightly in favor of the house. Your results may differ