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Spades Mag: Hi Mr. Boneslinger . Tell us about yourself.

Boneslinger: Hi. I am a mid 30s small business owner. Former investment banker who has lived and worked and played in NYC for ~20 years. I grew up internationally and came back to the US for college – which is where I was introduced to the hhotwife/bull llifestyle asan upper class man by a cuckold – hotwife Couple (the cuckold also happened to be a professor at the same large Midwestern University I was attending. Away from my non vanilla lifestyle and history; my focus for a lot of my life has been on career and education (undergrad degree in economics, grad degree in finance, spent many years as a banker) and the lifestyle has always been a great source of joy and pleasure. For one who was and still can be a nerdy black kid; being able to indulge my sexual fantasies with beautiful women has been nothing short of amazing.  

SM: What is a Queen of Spades to you?

B: A woman who exclusively or primarily gets the most sexual pleasure from engaging sexually with Black men.

SM: What drew you to the Queen of Spades/Black Bull Life?

B: I met a couple around age 20/21 via the old dark cavern site and yahoo group where the hotwife enjoyed younger black males… the cuckold husband was a professor at my undergraduate university and while it was my first experience – I took to it like a duck to water; I loved how she would wear expensive and sexy lingerie for our meets, her sexually voracious appetite vs the tentativeness I encountered in vanilla world was refreshing and gratifying. I was hooked and the ease with which we all related and could make plans for long and mutually satisfying play sessions only sealed the deal.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?

B: Since my introduction 16 years as I was always playing and in and out. However I still considered myself somewhat vanilla till ~2008.

SM: Has it lived up to your initial expectations? Or maybe even exceeded them?

B: Oh yes. I am in the closet to most of my vanilla friends but when I think about the beautiful women I have had the opportunity not just to play with but to fuck in the most primal way; the threesomes, the orgies, the crazy stories like getting off a plane in Vegas and 20 minutes later I am in the massive suite of a couple I have never met before – being served a drink while his beautiful and sexy who I have never met before; is on her knees with my BBC in her mouth. I mean it’s been just the most incredible run. I’ve even had the opportunity to play with a few adult film stars who love bbc in their civilian lives… again something I would never have had the chance to do without the lifestyle!

SM: What do you think draws QoS to Black men/BBC?

B: Some QoS are just raw, animalistic size queens – the bigger, the blacker the better God bless them, some especially those with sheltered lives love the exotic ness of an IR coupling as it’s something that is far removed from their day to day experience. Others love black/African/Caribbean culture via exposure and their preferences have evolved that way… and some women are a mix of all of these reasons and more. A smart BBC bull needs to understand the motivation of the lady he is playing with and give her what she wants… every hotwife/QoS is different and bulls would do well to remember that.

SM: Do you prefer couples or single females? Why?

B: I prefer hotwife couples and the occasional unicorn. Unfortunately unicorns have a bad rap in the bbc bull community and that’s because they are accustomed to being catered to and now expect BBC bulls to do the same; and then get disappointed when the bull – who is usually living out his best sexual life – isn’t interested. With couples there is much less of a chance regarding misunderstandings because everyone understand their role. The Bull should be reliable and ready to play. The couples are ready to engage and the Hotwife after doing the choosing is almost always ready to be pleased. There’s less inherent tension and everyone’s goals are more aligned. With that said; there exist those rare and super incredible unicorns who love the BBC and just want to engage on that level – with no assumptions of control or pandering… and they too should definitely be a part of a good bull’s network.

SM: How and where do you find QoS + couples who are in the life?

B: I have found the swinger social networks to be quite useful: swinglifestyle.com, sdc.com

I’ve also had decent success showcasing my lifestyle affiliation on tinder and okcupid.

Finally newer apps like feeld look promising.

SM: What is the one thing that you would advise any guys wanting to get into the Life?

B: You need to know yourself, your sexual appetite and be really honest with yourself and your abilities. If you don’t; you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

SM: What do you think is the biggest misconception that Bulls have about this Life?

B: That it’s an easy way to get sex. It can be but there is a whole etiquette and culture that goes along with this lifestyle – and I see a lot of newer single guys who willfully ignore that aspect of the lifestyle.

SM: What do you wish that all couples + single females in the Life knew?

B: Single guys are a dime a dozen yes but reliable, respectful single males who can perform to expectations are a much rarer breed.

SM: What is the best thing to happen to you in the Life?

B: I have made some great friends and met some amazing people – all over the world through swinging… truly opened up my world.

SM: What is the worst?

B: The usual lack of respect by certain individuals… nothing I can’t handle.

SM: What is the kinkiest experience that you have had in the Life?

B: I must preface this with a) the fact that I was always regularly tested and am clean and can provide test results upon request and b) my taste for adventure was much higher in my mid to late 20s. In the middle 2000s – there used to be an invite only Bareback BBC orgy in a sizeable Midwest metropolis. The ratio was 2:1 BBCs to hotwives. I flew out from nyc to attend – there ended up being 18/19 BBCs and 10 super attractive hotwives with their husbands who to a man all watched. I fucked all ten wives that night and shot fat loads in 7 of them. Including a hotwife who could only be described as a member of an aryan style motorcycle club. She and her husband were very clear that us BBCs could never acknowledge them in public as it would cause problems for them with their MC family; and apparently for the bbc as there could be a risk of an altercation. It was ironic but I’m not gonna lie – I enjoyed the idea of filling her up with bbc cum while all her friends and family thought otherwise. That I have to say was the craziest experience ever as it was non stop fucking right up till when I called a taxi to take me to the airport…

SM: Have you ever down a gangbang or an orgy? Do you like them?

B: In certain situations. As I get older I do a lot less of the man off the street type situations and generally go to parties where I know the organizers or the gang bang crew well and understand their selectivity.

SM: Ok, we have some size queens who read the blog and I am sure that they want to know how big is your cock?

B: I am a solid 8 inches cut with girth. Always happy to send over a cock pic or two for the ladies to decide.  

SM: Do you like more aggressive fucking or gentle lovemaking?

B: I love to FUCK. I leave lovemaking to husbands.

SM: What is your favorite position or positions?

B: Doggystyle is my favorite as I love to pound deep; followed by deep missionary with either legs on my shoulders or her legs pinned back so I can pound deep.

SM: Do you prefer a QoS to swallow or spit?

B: Swallow all day my friend. But it’s always lady’s choice!

SM: Are there any fantasies that you haven’t fulfilled in the Life yet? If so what are they?

B: I have not been to HEDO and I have not been to Cap d’agde

SM: What are your turn-ons?

B: I love all kinds of women – have played with female fitness models, bodybuilders, print models, BBWs. As long as you put an effort into your appearance and your health – that I can appreciate as someone who works our regularly. I also greatly value enthusiasm in a playmate… I want a playmate who wants, loves, needs my BBC in that moment.

SM: Turn-offs?

B: Entitlement, being too or needing to be drunk or high to focus on play; to a much lesser extent – cigarette smoking!

SM: Are there any QoS that you haven’t had a chance to meet up with that you would like to get an opportunity to meet or hook up with?

B: Kendra Lust, Angela White, Dee Siren, Jenny Jizz, Alura Jenson, Dee Williams (not sure she’s a QoS) to name a few…

SM: Any celebrity crushes? Or a celebrity that you wish was a QoS?

B: Charlize Theron, Sofia Vergara, Megan Fox, Paige Hathaway, Celeste Bonin, Yanet Garcia, Cindy Landolt

SM: Some Bulls get into starting their own websites and selling their films. Would you ever do that?

B: Have considered it. Still thinking it through.

SM: Thanks so much for the opportunity to interview you.  Please tell any QoS or couples who were left drooling from this interview where they can find you or reach you?

B: You can reach me at:

  • Swinglifestyle.com ; Boneslinger2003
  • Sdc.com; Boneslinger2003
  • IG:            Boneslinger2003
  • Email:      Boneslinger2003@yahoo.com
  • Twitter:   Boneslingernyc