Jadan Snow Gets Some NFL BBC

To be honest, I have had many erotic and sexy experiences with BBC men, not only when doing porn videos but also in my private life being in the swinger lifestyle. I could write a book on my naughty, lustful adventure but I will give you this quick experience that was a lot of fun.

If I had to pick which flavor of BBC I enjoy the most it would be an athlete, football player to be exact. I have played with some unnamed NFL athletes in the lifestyle. But this one, in particular, was a former well-known player, which I truly can’t even give the name of the team or position because it would give it away. I will keep that private.

He followed me on social media for a couple years and we always chatted, sent pics and flirted but just never ended up in the same town at the same time. One day, a few months back,  he came to my town for a convention he was hosting and wanted to meet in person, hang out and have some fun. When I met up with him we hung out for a little while then went back to his hotel suite where we chilled some more. You know me when I want the cock, I just take it.

So once we got back to his room I immediately stripped down to my panties and since he was an exhibitionist he had no problems getting naked as well. It was already in both of our minds we were going fuck the shit out of each other that night so why waste time?

We talked and massaged each other for a little bit and he couldn’t stop looking at my body and saying how amazing I looked in person and how long he has wanted to slide his cock inside of me. My pussy was already wet when I got out of the car when I arrived, so it was actually dripping when he got naked and this big 6’5, 240lb black man with a huge, thick and hard cock was saying how long he has worshipped my body and wanted me.

We touched and kissed for a little while longer but he wasted no time in throwing me on my back and start to eat my pussy. After I orgasmed twice he flipped me over on my stomach and took control. I propped up my ass in my favorite position which is doggiestyle and he slide his huge cock inside me. That sexual connection and tension from lusting after one another came right out. It felt so good I couldn’t stop screaming “Oh my god!! Oh, fuck!!”

I laugh at myself when I think how loud I was the whole time. In the first 10 minutes of fucking doggie style, I came at least 10 times!! From there he laid back and rolled me up into a reverse cowgirl position and began fucking me hard while pulling me by my hair. He kept saying to “Take that dick”, “Get that black meat”, shit like that turns me on and makes me cum hard.  I had to get up off his cock and turn around so I could ride him cowgirl style because I was getting to a point I was going to squirt.

For me, squirting means its good cock that I am going to rage on. When I got in control on top I was going to make him cum hard and early to let him know how good my pussy was and that I can own his cock just as much as he was owning my pussy that night.

I started my intense riding motion, which if you’re a fan of mine you know what I am talking about. I can make even hardcore BBC cum fast. I didn’t let up even through all my orgasms and screaming in pleasure. I even got off his cock twice and squirted all over his cock and stomach. After almost 10 mins again he couldn’t hold back anymore and came hard inside of me. When I stood up over him the cum was dripping out of me onto his cock, so I know he came hard. His leg was twitching and he couldn’t believe he came and had to take a break.

After a little break he grabbed me and picked me up in the air and I wrapped my legs around him as he slide his cock in and bounced me up and down on it. Then we fell against the dresser and the TV fell off the stand but he kept pounding my pussy on the dresser and then up against a wall. I can only imagine the hotel bill from that and my squirting all over the sheets and carpet.

After that, he threw me on the bed and I turned and deep throated his cock until he came again in my mouth and on my tits. We took another break and put the room back together some. The TV was actually fine and worked so we took a long break watching Ancient Aliens and eating sugary sweet candies to get that energy back and then we started on round 3 which led off with me deep throating his huge cock till he couldn’t take it and had to get back in me.

He started off in my favorite position again standing at the end of the bed and pounded my pussy while my legs were spread wide and my ass propped up just the way all men like it – ass up and a big arch in the back ready for it. He didn’t let up until I squirted again. After I came hard 5 times I started to squirt again. Then he put me in a dominant position holding me down, pulling my hair while smashing my face in the bed,  my ass propped up high and he kept going deep telling me to come on his big cock and when guys are dominant and talk shit I cum so hard. If the hotel didn’t hear me before they sure did now after 2 hours of fucking. I was screaming so loud which I do when a dominant BBC cock makes me cum that hard. He came hard in my pussy again one last time and almost passed out.

That’s why I am the BBC Tamer. Yes, I am a freak; yes, I love a huge cock; yes, I love to fuck; and yes, I love a strong dominant male.  I love all flavors of cocks and yes, I most definitely have a sweet tooth for a sexy BBC. It takes a lot to put me down for the count but that night was definitely a sexual adventure chapter in my book.