Pornstar Interview (Bonus) – Lena Starr

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Spades Magazine: Hey Lena. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Tell the readers of Spades Mag about you.

Lena Starr: I don’t even know where to start! I’m 27, president of the itty bitty titty committee, with a big ol’ booty.

SM: How did you get into porn? I got into porn kind of by accident!

LS: I actually matched with a porn star on  Tinder and did my first scene that way. Well, actually, three scenes in one day.

SM: You do a lot of Interracial scenes. Are you a BBC Exclusive Pornstar?

LS: When it comes to male talent, yes, I’m a BBC exclusive pornstar! I do also perform with women, however, and I do fetish scenes that don’t involve penetration with other talent. For example, one of my first scenes was in Corrupted By The Evils of Fetish Porn where I was spanked by Lance Hart who is not BBC.

SM: Your porn nickname is “The Princess of Spades”. Where did that come and why did you choose that name?

LS: I chose the nickname Princess of Spades because as a fan of the “ddlg” kink I enjoy being called princess and I wanted a unique twist on the moniker “Queen of Spades.”

SM: I’m sure a bunch of our readers are wondering if life imitates art.  Are you into Black men and BBC in your personal life?

LS: I am and always have been! I don’t EXCLUSIVELY fuck only black men in my personal life, but I enjoy it just as much as I do on camera. I believe there is much more to chemistry in my sex life than just my personal preference for BBC.

SM: You were born in Poland.  I have never been there but from what I have learned about Poland from online research and pictures is that there aren’t many Black people there. So where did your love for BBC come from?

LS: Probably due to the fact that I have had very limited exposure to black men as well as the fact that I was very shy in high school so I lusted after popular, sexy jocks. It was a taboo in so many ways for me so of course I wanted what I couldn’t have. I just felt like I wasn’t what they’d be interested in so I think I felt I wanted to prove I could be more than a shy nerd, that I had that inner sex kitten waiting to come out.

SM: There is a perception that girls who do Interracial porn have trouble advancing in their porn careers or becoming popular. Have you experienced that?

LS: Of course I have but I don’t care. I started out putting my foot down that I am interracial only and I have never budged. I have been overlooked and even put down by agencies and companies for not working with non-BBC talent but there is a double standard that very few people address where no one questions female talent who refuse to work with black male talent but the reverse is somehow unacceptable.

SM: Are you bisexual?

LS: Yes I am! I love women just as much as men.

SM: Do your friends and family know that you do porn?  What is their reaction?

LS: I’m not sure if my family knows but my friends know and they all say the same thing: “I’m not that surprised. As long as you’re safe and happy, then I’m happy you’re happy.”

SM: You have filmed with such BBC stars as Rico Shades, Moe “The Monster” Johnson, and Rome Major.  Who haven’t you filmed with that you would love to film with?

LS: Oh god my list is long! All that comes to mind right away is Prince Yahshua (drool). Shane Diesel, Dredd, Isiah Maxwell, Jax Slayher, Jason Luv, Mandingo, Ricky Johnson, Rob Piper, Flash Brown, Davin da King, Ty Rexxx.

SM: Besides the fact that you get to fuck big cocks on film, are you a size queen?

LS: Oh hell yes! I love big cocks.

SM: What are turn-ons and turn-offs?

LS: My turn-ons are numerous. I have been on fetlife for a long time and if you saw my list there you’d see that. I enjoy spanking, choking, consenual nonconsent, hairpulling, roleplaying (especially ageplay/ddlg), butt play, kissing, being called dirty names, etc. My turn-offs aren’t unusual, just things like bad hygiene, exceedingly bad breath, not listening to my limits (e.g. excessively hard spanking), and a bad attitude with a huge ego.

SM: Ok now for some of the sexual questions. Do you like anal?

LS: I love anal play but I’m working up to anal on film by stretching in my personal life!

SM: Are you a moaner or screamer?  Are you louder on film than in you are in personal life?

LS: I’m both a moaner and a screamer! I’m just as loud on film as in real life but, if anything,  I have to keep my voice down all the time because I’m always too loud haha.

SM: Are you a swallower or a spitter?

LS: I’m a swallower only. Who spits?! I don’t waste a drop of cum.

SM: Where is your favorite place to get cum?

LS: It’s so hard to choose… I love creampies just as much as facials, but I also love cum on my feet, too.

SM: Are you kinkier on film or in personal life?

LS: I think I’m actually kinkier in real life than on camera. I haven’t had a chance to be as kinky on camera as I’d like to be.

SM: Ever fuck a celebrity or had one slid into your DMs?  

LS: Yes I have had many celebrities hit me up but obviously I can’t name names. I haven’t fucked them but they’re pretty much mostly rappers and some actors.

SM: How do you want your career to progress? What do you have in store for your fans?

LS: I just want to keep filming as much as possible when I have time. I am not going to to do this forever but I just basically want to fuck all the people on my “to-fuck” list and do new and different scenes.

SM: Thanks, Lena for the amazing interview.  Any parting thoughts?

LS: And where can our readers keep up with you? Go to my website for links to anything and everything!