Queen of Spades Interview (Bonus) – Hotwife Kara Sweet

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Spades Magazine: Hi Kara. Tell us all about you.

Hotwife Kara: I Just turned 54. I don’t mind saying my age because I am proud of the way I look at my age. I can tell you my last job was at a Christian Bookstore and I was there for 8 years. Before that I was a stay at home mom raising some great kids.  I went to Church every Sunday, worked in the Sunday school where I took care of the little ones mostly. I have been in Arizona most of my life but am wanting to move to a cooler climate.

SM: Do you have a boyfriend/husband?

HK: I have a husband that I have been very happily married to for over 30 years. If it counts, I have several regular fwb also.

SM: How does he feel you being in the lifestyle?

HK: He is the one who always wanted to see me with other men so he feels ecstatic about me being in the lifestyle.  He was extremely patient and waited for me. No, actually steered me into the lifestyle.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  

HK: Officially in the lifestyle for only 4 years now.  My husband shared me with a few guys not long after we were married. About every two years there I was, in bed with another guy.  I would always feel guilty afterwards and never wanted to do it again. I realize now that I had so much sexual energy back then that I was always ripe for the picking to become a Hotwife.

SM: What drew you to it?  

HK: My husband would sometimes bring up me being shared while we would have sex. One weekend I got extremely turned on after we fantasized about it.  The next day at work, another co-worker made a very HR Inappropriate comment. He wanted to see the inside of my jeans. We had been verbally playing around for quite awhile so we just laughed and went back to work but  I couldn’t get his comment out of my mind. He is younger than me and so I didn’t understand what he saw in an older woman. Needless to say my husband was very happy when he got home since I jumped his bones and made him fuck me.  Long story short, I wanted to have a happy ending massage. We found a guy from a swingers site who gave me just that.  

SM: Have you always been attracted to Black men or is that something that developed later?  

HK: Honestly I’m not attracted to black men, per se.  I’m much more attracted to confident but non assuming men. Guys that know how to treat a woman,  not like a sex object but as a sexy attractive women. Men who can hold a conversation without asking if I want to go to bed with them after 2 minutes.

SM: What drew you to Black men?

HK: Most of the men that responded to our swingers add were Black guys, If hey were good looking and had a good profile, we would contact them.  

SM: Why do you like making love to Black men?

HK: Let’s get one thing straight, the only man I make love to is my husband.  The others? We fuck! Pure lustful sex. When I look down and see another man’s Black cock shoving inside my body, the contrast is raw and the fact that it’s not my husbands cock is amazingly arousing.

SM: How did your first Black experience come about and did your taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?  

HK: The first guy we ever got with after we joined up in this lifestyle was a Black guy. He ended up being very pushy and cocky (not in a good way) but I was so turned on with the prospect of having sex with another guy, I just went for it. We had sex in our truck, I was bent over the tailgate as he fingered me to my first orgasm. Then we got inside the truck where he penetrated me.   He wasn’t a very good first time since he was kinda rough, but I didn’t want to stop my sexual experimentation on a negative note, which totally shocked my husband.

SM: How has your IR sex life progressed since that 1st Black experience?  

HK: We came across a very important discovery.  We noticed when a White guy contacted me and we went for it, they would, a lot of the times, not always, seem to just  want to get off with my body instead of pleasing me, basically they would masturbate with my body as the instrument of their desire. The Black guys on the other hand, would want to get me off with THEIR body.   Their goal was to bring me to orgasm over and over until I was literally drained and had had enough before they would allow themselves to finally bring themselves to conclusion.  On a side note, I have never had enough.  

SM: Any regular Black lovers?

HK: Oh yes, several.   They keep in touch to make sure I am being taken care of.  So attentive. Lol. We contact them and they seem more than willing to open their schedule to sexually take care of another man’s wife.

SM: Who do you prefer to sleep with? Your husband or your Black lovers?

HK: My husband always. Nobody will ever overtake what we have for sex, sorry.

SM: Who do you sleep with more? Your Husband or your Black lovers?

HK: I did sleep over at another BBC guys house one time.  My husband basically dropped me off and watched the guy fuck me the first time.  During round 2 my husband returned home so I could enjoy my night of unadulterated extramarital sex by myself and a BBC. The next morning my husband picked me and him up.  If he was just a few more minutes earlier he would have caught me getting me shot full one more time. We all went to the desert to shoot guns. He was an instructor and wanted to “instruct” me.  The guys had a hard time focusing and It didn’t take long before the shooting was in my pussy from their cocks. My husband drove us back while me and the BBC stayed in the back seat and played with each other. I ended up swallowing one more load from the road head.

SM: What’s your favorite way to pleasure BBC or be pleasured by them?

HK: As long as it involves his cock and either my mouth or pussy, I’m having a good time I would have to say sucking cock is my favorite because I have total control and I can feel what I am doing to him as I drive him crazy.

SM: Do you prefer one or groups?

HK: Groups please, oh yes.  If I had a choice between 1 or more than 1, the more than would win every time.  When one guy gets warn out I would always have another to step in. I have only almost tapped out and said enough once. Almost…

SM: Are you strictly for BBC or you date and sleep with other races?

HK: If I am attracted to the guy and he’s not a jerk, he has a pretty good chance of getting me to a bed, couch, back seat of a vehicle. Scratch the back seat, I’m getting to old for that even though it seems to keeps happening.

SM: What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?  

HK: Ate a bowl of ice cream with hot fresh cum as a topping. Oh yes I did.

SM: Are you a size queen?

HK: I wouldn’t say I’m a size queen but if anyone tells you that size doesn’t matter is either lying or never tried a big cock. They stretch you in ways that are so sexually intense that the sky opens and angels sing. lol. But women don’t need a jackhammer, we need style, so, if an average size man who has technique can get me to orgasm?  I’ll take it.

SM: What’s the biggest cock you have had?  

HK: Oh man, I really don’t know. I met a guy at a gangbang once and he was huge.  Practically as big as my arm! Must have been atlas 10 inches.

SM: What is the perfect size cock for you?

HK: I would have to say the one that fits.

SM: What do you want to do most in the lifestyle that you haven’t done yet? Is that your biggest sexual fantasy? and if not, what is your biggest sexual fantasy?

HK: The one fantasy that actually got me started sharing my body is I wanted a masseuse to take advantage of me sexually.  My husband made that one come true with a guy I had never met. I was blindfolded most of the night. Never saw him until he was buried inside me balls deep. Whew! That was a great massage. External and internal.

SM: Are you into anal?

HK: No, I like my ass played with but no penetration.  I use to do it when I was younger but only with my husband.

SM: Swallow or spit?

HK: Definitely swallow. Why would I take a nice warm load of cum in my mouth to just spit it out?

SM: Do you have a Queen of Spades tattoo?  If not would you get one to show your love for BBC?

HK: Not into tattoos.

SM: Do any of your family or friends know about your involvement in the lifestyle or your love for BBC?  

HK: I certainly hope not!

SM: If not how do you think they would react?

HK: Probably disown me but I’m addicted & have no intention of stopping.

SM: What turns you on?

HK: Smiles, muscles but not too much, confidence & conversation skills.

SM: Turn offs?

HK: Guys who think they are God’s gift to women.  Oh, and cock pics.

SM: What do you look for in a guy?

HK: He has to be respectful towards my husband & myself.  Once we get in the bedroom though…bring it on! I’m not a china doll.

SM: Are you bisexual?

HK: No I’m not bisexual but I have let several women bring me to orgasm with their mouth. It feels so good but I still won’t reciprocate.  Sorry guys.

SM: In case they are reading this blog, do you have a celebrity crush?

HK: Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

SM: A lot of hotwives/Queen of Spades are getting into making their own adult movies. Is that something you would ever do?

HK: I am definitely. My site actually opened at the beginning of this year 2017.  My husband is a voyeur and really enjoys filming me with other guys so we already had some content to put out there.  He had already put some on some porn sites also.

SM: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Kara.  Where can someone keep up with you and get in contact with you?

HK: I’m on twitter as @hotwifekara and can be contacted through my sexually explicit website beyondinterracial.com/kara