The Beginning for a QoS Cuckoldress

Hello everyone. I am very pleased to announce a new contibutor to Spades Magazine – the up and coming Queen of Spades and Cuckoldress Venus.

In the coming months you will see posts from Venus’ blog published her on Spades Mag and, hopefully, a full interview. To kick off this special partnership, Venus has provided a special EXCLUSIVE article that tells of her beginnings as a QoS Cuckoldress.

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I’m a cuckoldress, Queen of Spades, size queen and a proud slut – it’s who I am – and this is the story of how it began.

It started 4 years ago when I met a Jamaican Canadian guy who was in an open marriage at the time. He would come over to fuck me once in a while and we had some really intense sexual chemistry – so great in fact, that after a while his wife was no longer comfortable with him seeing me. Obviously I was pretty disappointed so I started to think about finding someone to replace him.

Not long afterwards I met a white guy on Tinder who introduced to me a cuckolding relationship dynamic. It was the perfect kind of relationship for me. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. He knew I was already into guys who had considerable size so he suggested that I look for black guys and of course I was on board right away but I live in a city which has very few black men so I put an ad online and was surprised to have a long list of interested guys to choose from. That led to a stable of bulls for me and I really dove into it from there. It didn’t take long for me to lose sexual attraction to white guys while at the same time my sexual reactions to black guys were totally amplifying beyond my control.

For me it was all about their smooth confidence, beautiful dark skin, and big dick energy that reeled me in and not to mention that insanely overwhelming feeling of being stretched out and his big black dick bottoming out on my cervix – oh god I love that so much! Black guys also have this way of just taking what they want with very little effort both in the bedroom and when flirting with women at a club. It’s like they just know how to act and exactly what to say whereas white guys have to work so hard just get a little attention. The contrast is so obvious to us women.

A few months later I decided to get my first Queen of Spades tattoo right above my pussy. It’s stunning and to this day it’s still my favourite one. Over the next few years I acquired two more including an identical one on my ankle with the name of my cuck boyfriend above it after he passed away, and a crown with spades around it on the back of my neck. To be honest though I don’t really need them to advertise to black guys because it seems black guys can tell I’m into them just by looking at me, or so I’ve been told. My lust for them must be totally obvious even from a distance. I’m like a magnet for them and when I’m out, my white guy friends comment about all of the black guys who are checking me out. It’s quite amusing.

Opening myself to black men over the past few years has given me the best sex of my life…hands down next level mind blowing sex. It’s become part of who I am and what I need to feel sexually fulfilled and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. This girl has gone black and now there’s no turning back.