Throwback QoS Interview (Bonus) – Rebecca Dreams

Enjoy this bonus throwback Queen of Spades interview with the 2017 Queen of Spades of the Year Rebecca from Rebecca’s Office. I hope to have a followup interview for the readers of Spades Mag in 2019!!!

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Spades Magazine: Hi Rebecca. It’s so great to be doing with this interview with you. When I started this blog you were on my dream list of interviews, so this quite exciting. Tell us all about you.

Rebecca Dreams: I have been so busy and always wanted to do this. Ever since I heard about the Queen of Spades title, I felt like that I should have that title too.  It has been a while since I have done an interview so it is probably good to update my QoS status with everyone. I am now in my late 40s currently living in Southern California although I am originally from the great state of Ohio (Home of the Champion Cavaliers and soon to be Indians and Ohio State Buckeyes football). A lot of my basic information can be found on my Dreamnet website located at where I have been a web girl since 2003. I would add a lot more here, but I think you will cover more below in the interview.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?

RD: I have been officially in the interracial lover lifestyle since December 24, 2003, when I celebrated my birthday and Christmas Eve with a gentleman I had been conversing with online for almost 2 years. He was officially my first black man.  I never thought of it as a lifestyle. It has been a natural progression over time. I guess I never saw color, but then when I became a Dreamnet girl, I suddenly saw a channel for experiencing sexual fantasies that had always been deep down inside me and I had a husband who supported me.

SM: Have you always been attracted to Black men or is that something that developed later?

RD: I think like most women in the lifestyle, it is something I always had inside me.  I think that in order to be truly into the lifestyle, it is something that has to come naturally.  I consider myself a conservative rebel. I grew up in a strict academic household and never even really dated boys.  Grades came first. My parents always told me that being a woman that I always had to try harder to get what I wanted and they instilled a strong work ethic within me When I first moved away to college, I didn’t date but suddenly found myself dating men of ethnicity.  They were different. Hispanic men, Asian men, a half black man and a couple of black men as well as some Caucasian men who were alternative. There weren’t tons of men. I was still a good girl. I was focused on academics as I had a full academic scholarship. I was attracted more to the style of these men and their interesting backgrounds.

SM: What drew you to Black men? Why do you like making love to Black men?

RD: I think that moving away from home I always knew I thought the town I grew up in was small and homogenous.  It was an upper-middle-class rural environment where I was never told what to do, but I know what people expected me to do.  Marry the boy next door, settle down, stay at home and raise a family. I loved movies and I always wanted to travel and live in a big city.  I knew I wanted to work in New York City. I think when on Wall St. I started seeing really smart men in beautiful suits and especially started to note my friends who were black.  They were gorgeous. So why do I like making love to black men? That is a harder question to answer than you think. The current group of black lovers that I have are gentle yet physical lovers who really know how to make love to a woman and make me feel beautiful. There are so many types of sex I could have and have had, but the emotional and expressive sexuality of the black man, in general, has been superior, so it is just not about physical and size.

SM: How did your first Black experience come about and did your taste of interracial passion live up to what you were hoping for?

RD: First of all, it has been so long that I don’t remember what my hopes were.  As I mentioned, I had been conversing with him for so long online first via chat rooms and then via email.  I was lucky. I was just a horny bored working mom and my husband and I were watching some porn and he showed me Jackie of  There was this guy she met at a hotel near ours and he was gorgeous. I told my husband that if a guy like that would have me, I’d sleep with him. Well, my husband sent a photo of me to Jackie and said that I wished I could meet that guy.   Well, she sent him my email address and he responded! After a while, I sensed he thought we would never meet. I was really scared he would not like me. I was a working mom and not some 20-something Los Angeles beach bunny. But along the way my husband and I started our Dreamnet site around July 2003 and I was starting to become more adventurous.  I still hadn’t said yes, but he and my husband conspired behind my back to arrange for him to show up at a hotel where we were attending a Night Before Christmas holiday party (and my birthday). Silly thing but being a Christmas Eve baby, I always hate getting combo Christmas/Birthday presents. My husband didn’t drop the bomb on me until after dinner.  I was so mad yet excited. He told me to relax and I kept drinking champagne to calm my nerves. Later that evening when he and my husband walked into the hotel room, my mind kind of went blank. I have since watched the video which you can get on my site. I think he had his finger in my vagina within 2 minutes of his walking in the door, and my mouth was around his cock within 5 minutes. Oh, I guess the one difference was that my husband and I had always talked about me being safe and using a condom. I got so carried away and I think was so loose that evening that we did it bare.  It felt so good and so intimate. I loved it. It was an amazing evening and I think I was in heaven all Christmas Day. I can’t even tell you what my husband got me for Christmas. My lover called me later that day and we arranged to meet alone 5 days later. I was hooked.

SM: How has your IR sex life progressed since that 1st Black experience?  Any regular Black lovers?

RD: So I was a virgin until I met my husband.  Since that night in 2003, I have slept with 100+ other men with about 90% of them being black. A few months later I was on a trip to DC and got into a conversation with a black lawyer in our lobby and he invited me back to his room.  After we done, he left me money! He thought I was a high priced escort. Later in 2004 when I posted my pictures and videos on my site, I started getting requests for me with black men and I started getting invitations from people like the So Cal Mandingoes and The Crew in Northern California. We also belonged to a swinging group and then started getting invited to interracial swinging parties where men brought their white wives to nice homes in Los Angeles where single black men were waiting to please us.  I also started getting invites from professional porn stars and other interracial amateur women. For about 7-8 years I would say I would go to parties maybe 3-4 times a month for black cock and started seeing some guys pretty regularly a couple times a week for booty calls. I had found lovers who wanted to take me on dates to strip clubs, hotel rendezvous, or even come over and have sex in my bed or theirs. Around 2011 a couple guys approached me and said they were tired of sharing me and not seeing me enough.  Also playing bare, they wanted to know if I would commit to them as we had developed a personal relationship. I told them they needed to still perform for my site and they agreed as long as we all got tested regularly and that I make myself available to them. From them I have developed one really special lover who I sleep with regularly and then 3 others I sleep with when they call and I am available (once a month each), and then there is the DFWKnight who occasionally comes for some California booty over Texas booty.  

SM: Who do you prefer to sleep with? Your husband or your Black lovers? Who do you sleep with more? Your Husband or your Black lovers?

RD: Very easy.  My black lovers.  I have not had sex with my husband since I developed my small group of lovers. So yes I have not had sex with a non-black man for over 4 years.  My husband does have his own girlfriend so in case you all think I’m being mean to my husband, do not worry, he is well taken care of. He is not what most people consider a true cuckold. I know so many people in the Queen of Spades lifestyle like the idea of a cuckold for a husband or boyfriend, but I guess I’m a little different.  

SM: What’s your favorite way to pleasure BBC or be pleasured by them? Do you prefer one or groups?

RD: I just like pleasuring a black man.  Making love is special and I do love the emotions and intimacy that I share with my lovers.  I think that having had as many lovers as I do that my men like knowing that despite it all that they can have our special time alone for me to give them all of my love and attention.  My lovers are special to me and give me something that I know I am lucky to have. Now if they want to go out and share me with others or party hard, that is fine too. As long as they know that they had a good time with me, that works for me.  Sometimes my lover likes to take me out to a club or house party and we put on a little show for others to watch. I love it when we show up and people just watch us and all you hear is us.

SM: Are you strictly for BBC or do you date and sleep with other races?

RD: In the past, I have slept with other races of course, but since I have created my harem of BBC, I don’t venture out of that group as things could get complicated.  So I guess you can say that I am strictly for BBC, especially in bare unprotected sex.

SM: What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?

RD: Oh my gosh, what haven’t I done?  I have stripped in a seedy club for a mostly black clientele.  I have gone to Vegas with my boyfriend and had a swinger booty call where 4 different couples showed up during the night, I have invited 2 black men to my house to live with me for the weekend, I went to Vegas unchaperoned and met with DFWKnight and lived for 3 days in a house where he and his friends fucked and filmed me all day and night.  Probably the kinkiest thing I ever did was that I have this young black lover I was pursuing at the time (and I still see). I was still new to the lifestyle and did not know how it worked. He told me he wanted to go out to a nice holiday party, so he wore a suit and I wore a black long dress with heels and pearls. After dinner, he drove me to this run-down apartment building.  On the way out this BBW lady is stumbling out and says to me, “Thank goodness reinforcements are here”. When I walked in there were about 8-9 guys laying around half naked smoking pot and drinking. They all whistled and hollered when we walked in. The main guy saw hugged my date, grabbed slapped ass and told him, “Nice, put her in the bedroom.” We went into the room where the bed was soiled and sheets and pillows were on the floor.  I asked about the party and he told me I was it. Next thing you know 4 of the guys come up from behind me and have their hands all over me and I’m being pushed onto the bed. I was fucked in all my holes that night by all the guys and maybe more. I felt like they all kept coming in me and on me. At one point I was handcuffed to the bed while I had two cocks in my pussy and one in my mouth. My date was a sweetheart and kept getting me water and asking if I was okay.  At the end of the night, he carried me back to the car and took me back to his place. I don’t remember how many loads of cum or how many men I took that night. What was special though was that after the night, my lover took care of me like I was his prized possession.

SM: Are you a size queen? What’s the biggest cock you have had? What is the perfect size cock for you?

RD: I don’t think I am, but some say I am.  I guess you must have enough and more importantly know how to push my emotional and physical buttons.  I guess that is what I love about the BBC lovers I have chosen. They know how to push them. Not all BBC men know how to do that.   You can have the physical but if there is no emotional chemistry, then I don’t care how beautiful your body is. I don’t think there is a perfect size.  I am not the Goldilocks of Porn. There is never too long or too fat, but there definitely is too short! I guess if I can’t feel it, forget it. Biggest cock?  Well, that would have to be Richard Mann. Wow, I was glad I did not see his cock before he stuck it in me. I would have freaked out. It felt so good. He was the first guy to “bottom out” in me and when he came I felt like he flooded me.  I have to admit I am scared to see him again because it was like I was in a trance hypnotized by what it did to me, I think I couldn’t walk for a couple days after. We drove him home and I played with him in the back seat the whole time. I couldn’t control myself.  I hope that someday he just suddenly sneaks up behind me and takes me one more time.

SM: What do you want to do most in the lifestyle that you haven’t done yet? Is that your biggest sexual fantasy? and if not, what is your biggest sexual fantasy?

RD: I’m almost there.  I think that I want to eventually move in with an incredible BBC that I will worship for the rest of my life.  He and I can satisfy each other on many different levels. If he wants me all to himself, that is great. If he wants to share me, that is good too.  Black men are very possessive and I like that. Being taken care of by a strong beautiful man with an incredible body and sex drive is my ultimate goal.  Well, that is my goal, but before that happens my biggest fantasy would be to do some iconic porn shoot scenes with my favorite stars. I’d love to do a real big porn shoot with at least 3 or four of my favorite black porn stars with them cumming deep inside me.  We can do it on camera but I want to continue off-camera too. I think my ultimate deal is I’d prefer to have sex with someone like Richard Mann and not have it be about porn. I’d want to know that it is all about him just wanting me and that he chose me because I was the woman he wanted to fuck.  I do that with all my main lovers and that is why I think it works for me. I have a life with them outside of sex which makes the sex better.

SM: Are you into anal?

RD: Although I always said I’d never do it, it does feel good.  The right man who knows how to treat a woman can make me cum and squirt.  I never go into sex thinking that I want to do it, but if the occasion motivates my lover they are always welcome to my ass.  I never request it. My black lovers just take what they want knowing that I am there for their satisfaction.

SM: Swallow or spit?

RD: I love swallowing.  Most of my lovers are health nuts and eat a healthy diet of fruit so it tastes extremely sweet and not bitter.  I’ll even drink it out of a class or even chill it in the fridge if they saved some for me when I wasn’t around.  As for spitting, I do like to spit on their cocks to lubricate them and I know some of them like me to hold it in my mouth when they kiss me and taste their cum as we kiss afterward.  Others like to see it drool out of my mouth when I can’t take it all in one shot. I am all about my man’s pleasure.

SM: Do you have a Queen of Spades tattoo? If not would you get one to show your love for BBC?

RD: As much as I like the icon, tattoos and piercings are not my thing and I think my lovers and fans are okay with that.  I have had people draw them on my body with a marker. I did wear a temporary tattoo once at an interracial party I think.  This lifestyle is a secret thing for me. I don’t need to advertise it. For some reason, I find that BBC always finds me. I must really send off a strong signal to black men for their Queen of Spades radar.

SM: Does any of your family or friends know about your involvement in the lifestyle or your love for BBC? If not how do you think they would react?

RD: Some do and some don’t.  My mother is a right-wing Florida conservative retiree from the Midwest so you get the picture.  My father has passed. She might suspect but it is best to let her live her life out in peace and I live the QoS lifestyle in my spare time just like people become weekend warriors on the golf course or hunting, or bicycling or whatever. A couple of friends know and they totally get it and some have tried it out with me. Some have even been on my website which has been fun to do.  They loved the comments from other men and their husbands want them to keep doing it.

SM: What turns you on? Turn Offs? What do you look for in a guy?

RD: I love a clean, smart, respectful, stylish and sensual man who takes care of himself.  We all want our Prince Charming and I am no different. I just want him to be a BBC and actually, I prefer to have several BBC Prince Charmings.  Also, it is important that the guy is committed to me. Sex is good, but I am the kind of girl who if I like something, I want to be able to go back for more. Lots of people tell me they’ll fly from Europe and pay for me to go to Europe to have sex with them.  It is not about money. I don’t want to have sex for money. I want to have good sex all the time. My main lovers all live within 30 miles of me. Being able to have them at my disposal and to be at their disposal makes it ideal. I’m not a negative person. I don’t want to say what I don’t like.  It is easier to say what I do like. People say that I am too nice both in the real world and in porn. I remember once when swinging there was this white husband who had a penis half the size of my pinky. Later, a couple of the other wives were snickering about it and said I was a trooper for sucking on it.  I guess when I focus on the positives and the lovers I have, I don’t have to concern myself with things I don’t like. But obviously pushy, rude, dirty, disrespectful and negative people are those I avoid.

SM: Are you bisexual?

RD: Not really.  I do it just for others.  In the swing lifestyle, they call it Bi-curious.  I call it foreplay for swinging. I’ll take a penis over a pussy every day of the week.

SM: In case they are reading this blog, do you have a celebrity crush?

RD: Oh so many!  Morris Chestnut!  Will Smith (did him already), Kevin Hart, Blair Underwood,  As for porn stars? I got into this business watching Lexington Steele and Sean Michaels videos and stirring up my fantasies.  Now I want to try them all at least once. I need them to contact me as well as the new breed. Are you listening Mandingo? Jason Brown? Flash Brown? Prince? Rob Piper? Michael Williams? Isiah Maxwell?  I want to be on your booty call list on camera and off camera.

SM: You also have your own website.  Have you always wanted to be a pornstar? How did you get involved in it?

RD: Yes,  No, it’s all been an accident.  Early on, people used to steal my photos from AdultFriendFinder and pretend to be me, In fact, people still do.  I hate that. They will put scam ads on or whatever. People will call them and get robbed. So I decided that people should have to get a password to access my material. I also don’t like people irresponsibly giving access to this material to minors.  That is not cool. We chose to run our site because they were managed by 3 couples at the time with wives who were in the network. I liked them because they are not too big and very personal. They have been like family to us and very respectful. I honestly thought I’d try it for a month or so, but 13 years later I still have fun at it.  I treat it like fun work. I have updated every week and never missed an update. My husband says I am the Cal Ripken of porn. My members are that way too. I have lived through deaths, divorces, etc with many members and hopefully, I give them as much respect as they give me. It is satisfying to come home and see such nice emails from my friends.

SM: How long have you been making your own movies?

RD: 13 years.  The site started with just photos and I always filmed my escapades.  I think around 2004 Dreamnet said they would support video and suddenly away we went!

SM: Where do you find the guys to film with for the site?

RD: I originally found them through swinger sites and referrals from webgirls in the industry.  I met guys at parties as I think I detailed earlier in this interview. And then of course as I became know in the industry, guys like Richard Mann, Isiah and DFWKnight started hitting me up directly or through my representatives.  It is nice to work with professionals because a lot of the behind the scenes stuff is a lot easier. There are no games, doubts or fears about what is going to happen and what motivations people have. It is a lot safer.

SM: How do you want your porn career to progress? What do you have in store for the future?

RD: This isn’t a career.  It is a hobby or a lifestyle.  I never had any dreams or desires for all of this.  It just happened and maybe that is why it has worked out so well.  Honestly, I could have lived this lifestyle off camera as well and that is what will probably happen when people lose interest.  One of the things I have been toying about is just going ALL VIDEO. I think people are tired of photo sites now and actually, I just spent this whole past month with 4 consecutive video updates for the first time since the site started.  I’m trying to see if people enjoy that more and it seems to be getting good feedback. I’ll never retire from the lifestyle completely. I would probably just end up continue living it off-camera. I have no desire to be a Grandma Interracial Star although I know many of you guys like that!  Heck, I want to retire someplace tropical! Maybe I will be like Nina Hartley and make guest appearances every now and then.

SM: Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Rebecca.  Where can someone keep up with you and get in contact with you?RD: I can be written to at  I’d love to hear people’s responses to this interview.  Additionally, I’d like people to go to and subscribe to my email list.  Additionally, I have a FREE blog at  For those who don’t know me, before you write me, please make sure to read through my site and FAQs.  I suspect I will get lots of emails and I try to get to all of them in a timely manner, but I give priority to member emails and for those who write well thought out questions for things you can’t find on the site.  I hope to make more new friends and always love hearing positive feedback.